I would just like to thank everyone who follows this blog.
I can’t believe I now have 100 followers, it seems odd that people would want to read my posts.
To commemorate this I thought it might be funny (for you) and awkward (for me) to see how I have ‘evolved’ over the years haha. The pictures show the changes in my make-up and hair styles.

Wow some of those are pretty shocking, right? But hopefully I have learnt from my past styles…Can you guess at which point I started incorporating Gal into my style?! Or are they all too dismal to tell haha.
As you can see I’ve tried just about everything with my hair. I have had it long (when I was yonger), cut super short and then extensions. I also dyed it blonde/ginger at one point…for those wondering what my original hair colour is; I am a very dark brunette. I am naturally pale though so I opt for a lighter shade.
I also noticed just how much eyeliner I used to wear, that was a shock. I really needed to tone it down back then XD
And here I am now!!
Well 2010 anyways…my hair is a lighter copper now.
Sorry for the lack of make-up in the above picture, but I think this shows just how much I have changed. I am currently very happy with the way I do my hair, make-up and dress. Before Gal was just an interest but now it’s something I think about, do and follow (hopefully well) everyday.
I wish I had pictures of past outfits, but I was never confident enough to take full body shots D:
Well luckily I feel so comfortable with my style now, that I can do so!! Which is helpful for this blog lol
I don’t know if that was any help or interest to anyone, but I think to make this blog more personal it’s important for you guys to see how my style has evolved. I feel a little nervous showing this off here, because some people can be rather harsh with their criticism but I am not claiming to be the best at Gal and I never have. I just have an interest in it and it makes me happy when I dress this way.
Hopefully we can work together and evolve into the ‘Gal’ that we want to be 😀