Review: Korean Bulk False Eyelashes

This post is sponsored by KKcenterhk
KKcenterhk are my current eyelash sponsor. They stock a variety of lashes and the ones I have been given are 2 packs of the 10 pair multipacks from the Korean company ‘ES’. I’m sure you have seen these online before, and I know some of you have even bought some yourselves.
I choose a pair of fuller top lashes and a pair of lower lashes.
I only applied a little bit of eyeliner/minimal make-up in the following pictures as I wanted to blend the lashes but show them off, without make-up. 

I am sorry for the quality of the photos and the re-use of the banner. These pictures were taken in my last few days in Japan when I was very rushed and stressed. However excuses will not be tolerated, so I shall definitely bring you better ones next time ;D
ES A101 – here
These lashes weren’t as harsh as previous fuller ones I had tried. Of course they’re not a lash to be worn with minimal make-up, but I feel that you can get a better look at the actual lashes this way. 
I plan on wearing them again with a more dramatic eye, probably to compliment a rock-style coordinate – a style which I am growing fond of again. The macro on my camera failed to catch a sharpened image of them but I like them all the same. 
ES A023 – here
These were the first pair of lower lashes I had tried from ES. The lashes themselves are very soft and sweet looking, however the lash band was a little harder to work with then other pairs I have worn. Even so it wasn’t so much of a problem that I wouldn’t try them again. 
I tried them with minimal make-up as I wanted to use them for a sweeter look in the future, however I felt they overpowered it a little. Maybe something more dainty next time?! Anyway, I felt the lashes were a good size and length – I did also cut some down to use as lower accent lashes, which I preferred.
Overall I am happy with the two sets I was sent this time.
Both sets of lashes are under $8 for a pack of 10!!
For some everyday-use or ‘first try’ lashes that’s such a bargain!!
They ship worldwide and delivery is super fast~
You can purchase any of these lashes and many more different types and brands here.

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