It’s time for my favourite kind of post…GETS POST!!
Why is it my favourite?! Because its an excuse for me to buy pretty things and then blog about them haha

I bought some lashes from D-Tan; Koakuma Diamond Lash & #11 Daiso lashesI will add pictures of both worn soon!
The DL are to be worn as accents or with another set. The Daiso ones may be cheap at only 100yen (around 80p) but they’re some of the best I own – crazy!! I already have a pair which I bought whilst I was in Tokyo, so these are a back-up. That’s how much I love them.
I also bought this top from Sami – the print always makes me giggle – detail pic.
She was also super sweet and included a phone charm (which I put on straight away) she had bought for me as she knows I love Marie~

Some MODE-ish jewellery gets from H&M.
I also think they’ll work well with the current ‘Blogger’ trend that’s caught my eye lately.

Ditto this blouse~ 
I really wanted a similar one from Egoist, but even with every Japanese brand bringing out their own version I wasn’t lucky enough to grab one. They do have one at Yumentenbo, but I saw this at H&M and grabbed it. 
I love the lace back and the light material – perfect for warmer weather – Detail pic.

Heart print tights & pleated ‘Carey’ skirt both from Primark.

Two simple pieces that look super cute together – everyone keeps complimenting me and asking about the tights. I tried to grab another couple of pairs recently but didn’t have any luck, guess I’ll have to take extra care of these.

Bag from Primark.

The scarf I have attached is VERY SPECIAL.
It’s a one-off design by my boyfriend’s sister!! She is currently studying textile design in Chelsea and entered this into a scarf design competition. She won and the prize was to have her scarf created and sold in the Oxford Street Topshop store in London – so keep an eye out my London Gals! 
Not only that but you can buy it online – here

I found myself looking in MAC for a nude lipstick recently. After consulting one of their make-up artists about the colour that would suit me best I ended up with the new Lady Gaga shade, and a lip pencil from the new Quite Cute range. Which according to their shop staff is “like based on Japan, coz of anime and harajuku and stuff like that” – I will forgive him though as he was super sweet complimenting my accessories haha.

Viva Glam Gaga– all proceeds go towards helping those affected by HIV & Aids.

In-Synch lip pencil – from the new Quite Cute range.
 …and a swatch of the two.