Screen printing with Daniel Heath

Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath-3Daniel Heath Studio | Blackhorse Workshop, Walthamstow

I don’t have an artistic bone in my body – unless you count photography, which for some reason I don’t. So I’ve always had a lot of respect for those who create art on a daily basis. And if it’s your job, well then, I take my hat off to you. This is exactly the case for Daniel Heath, who screen prints wallpaper and makes wood-etched furniture from his studio in East London. And thanks to In The Window, I was promised a look into his creative process, design story, and most excitingly, the chance to get arty myself. It could either go amazingly, or I could end up ruining everything. But as all good click bait titles do, I’m going to make you read on to find out which one it was.

It was a typical dark Winters evening when I found myself outside Blackhorse Workshop. Illuminated by fairy lights, it looked so inviting. Stepping inside I was greeted by warm smiles, and a bright venue. The Wood Street Coffee shop was adorable. The tables were littered with equally adorable – and delicious – snacks (thanks to Propercorn, Dinah’s Desserts, Nix & Kix, and Moreish Cheesecake). After some mingling and nibbling, we all headed upstairs to Daniel’s studio…

Daniel Heath is a British award winning independent wallpaper, textile and surface designer renowned for his illustrative and engaging designs. His intricate designs make for stunning interior features – my favourites are his new Art Deco architecture-inspired pieces. Each lovingly designed by Daniel himself, and hand painted using silk screens. Having such inspirational art at hand, I was eager to dive in myself. With Daniel beside me, I was shown how to screen print one of his current designs. I was actually pretty impressed with myself – there were no paint disasters, and I didn’t set accidentally fire to anything…so I’d say the evening went pretty well. Jokes aside, screen printing with Daniel Heath was such a joy. His designs are beautiful, and I love the bespoke, handmade aspect to his pieces. Aside from that, Daniel is just an awesome guy, which made the whole experience one I certainly won’t forget. So thank you to Daniel and the team behind In The Window, for allowing me to be part of something very special.

I also want to give a little shout-out to Addison Lee for taking me home that evening. I really appreciated having a warm car whisk me away after the event (especially when there’s free wi-fi).

Check out my curation of Daniel’s work at In The Window.

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