Interior Design | In The Window


As a child I loved wandering around showrooms and home stores with my parents. I would make imaginary wish lists in my head, choosing pieces for my dream bedroom. As a little girl, that was as far as I got. As an adult moving away to university, I started taking interior design a little more seriously. Although I still hadn’t quite found my style yet – my uni dorm was a jumble of pink bed sheets and Korean boyband posters.  After university the next big move was London, and my own little apartment. No more house sharing. However a small flat in Stoke Newington doesn’t really offer up much of a blank canvas. Still, I decorated the walls with art prints, and the tables with carefully placed trinkets. I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do to the flat, but realistically I knew it wouldn’t work. So when we moved in April this year to a bigger, brighter apartment, I was over the moon. I went into interior design overdrive. Luckily I had a little friend to help me – In The Window.

In The Window enables designers, makers, and brands to share their stories and collections in a uniquely visual way. It is about giving the designers and their products the spotlight. I personally prefer this to a company whose goal is only to sell to you. Of course if you like what you see, you can click through to a stockist where you can purchase your object of desire.

But the real point of In The Window are the stories – delving into the worlds of the designers. Each window showcases the work and story behind the designer, maker or brand. Users can take part too. In The Window’s community can discover, experience, and meaningfully interact with the content via curation, sharing, and conversations. My favourite aspect are the labels. By simply selecting any product or window, you can add them to custom labels you have created under your account. Other users can view these and comment on them, or add them to their own labels. You can even interact with the designers themselves. For creatives, and those who just adore interior design, In The Window is an innovative way to discover via a new, unique social network.

You can view my labels at In The Window.

Thank you to V.A who took the photos of me.