Pregnancy Skincare Routine Tips & Recommendations

Pregnancy Skincare Routine Tips & Recommendations

Did you know you need to change your skincare routine if you’re pregnant?

This was something I found out recently during my first trimester. Thankfully I was too tired or ill during this time to actually carry on with my regular skincare regime, as it turned out it was full of pregnancy skincare routine no-no.

Pregnancy Skincare Routine Tips

You may have heard of “the pregnancy glow”. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a myth. During pregnancy, you’re skin changes, a lot. You may find that certain products and procedures don’t work like they used to, you have greasier, spottier skin, or dark spots popping up out of nowhere.

That doesn’t mean you can’t help combat it with a skincare routine though. Here are my top tips for your pregnancy skincare routine:

  • Stop using retinoids & salicylic acid – this is because they are absorbed into the skin and could reach the bloodstream and travel to the fetus
  • Moisturise, a lot – Dry skin and itchiness are common in pregnancy. Moisturising can help combat both of these
  • You can still exfoliate – Just because you can’t use certain ingredients doesn’t mean you can’t exfoliate – use products with glycolic acid or lactic acid instead. Exfoliating is also great for combatting those pesky pregnancy dark spots
  • Less is more – Try to keep your skincare routine simple during your pregnancy. You’ll probably find that your skin’s wants and needs change throughout these 9 months

Pregnancy Skincare Routine Recommendations

It can be tiring trying to figure out what to do with your skincare routine whilst you’re pregnant. And the last thing you need to do is buy a whole bunch of products you know nothing about.

Here are some of my recommendations for pregnancy-friendly sites and products:

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