Dîner en Blanc at The Shoreditch Treehouse with Côtes du Rhône

People stand around chatting whilst drinking Cote du rhone white wine at Shoreditch Treehouse
Dîner en Blanc at The Shoreditch Treehouse

I’ve been bringing the Côtes du Rhône into my home for a few years now, through the beauty of wine and food. It’s been a welcome reminder of the South of France, and all of the delicious produce the area has to offer. Most recently I was invited to a wine tasting of white wines from the region at Shoreditch Treehouse.

Dîner en Blanc at The Shoreditch Treehouse

Our evening began with a guided tasting of AOC Côtes du Rhône white wines with the lovely Julie Coutton, shortly followed by canapés, small plates and some delectable chocolates, provided by Native Feasts Michelin star chef Chris Godfrey. All of which were expertly matched to the wines, and set among the gorgeous backdrop of Shoreditch Treehouse.

White Wine From the Côtes du Rhône

When someone says Côtes du Rhône you’d generally think of red wine, but the region’s white wines also offer a delicious range of styles. From rounded peachy and apricot, sometimes floral character of southern wines which gain their juicy ripeness from the area’s Mediterranean climate, to the more refined creamy, nutty and honeysuckle-scented wines of the north; the variety of the landscape and climate means there’s plenty to discover.

We tasted a selection of 12 wines (favourites in bold) throughout the evening, including:

  1. Domaine de l’Espigouette 2021
    Viognier 40%, Clairette 20%, Grenache blanc 20%, marsanne blanche 20%
  2. Le Coq Valant Blanc 2020, Domaine de Galuval
    Grenache blanc 25%, Viognier 25%, Roussanne 25%, Clairette 25%
  3. Elements Luna 2021
    Clairette, Grenache blanc, Roussanne, Viognier
  4. LAUDUN CHUSCLAN VIGNERONS 2021 Maison Sinnae, Eléments Terra 2021
    Clairette, Grenache blanc, Roussanne, Ugni blanc, Viognier
  5. E.GUIGAL 2021
    Viognier 60%, Roussanne 15%, Marsanne 10%, Clairette 8%, Bourboulenc 5%, Grenache blanc 2%
  7. DOMAINE DES CAPTIVES Château de Montfrin “à la rêverie” 2020
    Grenache blanc 60%, Roussanne 40%
  8. Domaine Grand Veneur GRAND VENEUR 2021
    Clairette, Roussanne, Viognier
  9. CHÂTEAU DE MANISSY EARL Chateau de Manissy Oracle 2021
    Grenache blanc 60%, Clairette 40%
  10. Cellier des Dauphins Les Dauphins 2020
    Grenache blanc 50%, Viognier 40%, Marsanne 5%, Roussanne 5%
  11. FAMILLE RAVOIRE Famille Ravoire Banderet 2021
    Grenache blanc 70%, Viognier 30%
  12. EARL EYGUESTRE Domaine Eyguestre AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Séguret Blanc Le Maupas 2020
    Viognier 80%, Marsanne 20%

If you’re looking for a bottle to adorn your dinner table this summer, I’d suggest you keep a lookout for the above next time you’re perusing your local independent/supermarket wine shelves. You can find out more about Côtes du Rhône white wines and where you can purchase them here.

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Words and opinions are my own, photos are by Robin Boot.