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italy-travel-diary-marche-fermo-food-Coba-Beach-RestaurantCobà Beach Restaurant, Porto San Giorgio | Marche, Italy

I believe that almost anyone can bond over food. That’s why I find food to be an integral part of travel. Discovering new dishes, and connecting with others over them is so important. Even better if a local/friend can introduce you to the best dishes around. Lucky for me that’s exactly what happened, whilst I was in Fermo, Italy. During my stay I was taken to a restaurant with a view, invited into people’s homes, and even dined at 1 of only 2 five star hotels in Marche.

It may sound cheeky, but for full disclosure I really do feel that I should say, I don’t really like Italian food. Well, that’s not entirely true. I just don’t really like pasta. But I figured that if I was going to enjoy it anywhere, it would be Italy…right? With that shocking announcement made, what were the food highlights of my trip?

  • Soul Kitchen made me realise that I really do love thin, crispy pizza – it’s the best!
  • During our homemade meal at Rio Maggio Winery I happened to have the best lasagne ever made. True fact! It was light and flavoursome – nothing like the lasagne we have here in the UK (naturally).
  • Cobà has the best view you will ever see from a restaurant table. This is the stuff of 90s slow-pop music videos (think Britney Spears ‘Sometimes’).
  • Villa Funari probably has the most delicious matured cheese and ham in the region. It was also my favourite restaurant of the whole trip – small sharing plates are my one true love.

So what did I take away from my foodie vacation? Well I now know that I don’t actually mind pasta so much, and that the Italian people I met were incredibly warm and welcoming. I genuinely felt as though I was a part of one big, Instagram-loving family. Thank you to everyone that made my trip so memorable.

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Thank you to Elena (Vasilieva) for the photo of me.


I was invited on the #SeeWhatYouWearTour by Expool Consortium. However all images, words and opinions are my own.

italy-travel-diary-marche-fermo-food-villa funari italy-travel-diary-marche-fermo-food-Rio-Maggio-Winery-2 italy-travel-diary-marche-fermo food Rio Maggio Winery