A Rainbow of Art at ARoS | Aarhus Travel Guide

Aarhus Travel GuideA Rainbow of Art at ARoS | Aarhus Travel Guide

I couldn’t decide where to start when it comes to gushing about my recent holiday to Aarhus, Denmark. The city captured my heart, and my camera (duh, I’m a blogger). So after much deliberation, I decided that my Aarhus travel guide should start at the beginning of my trip. And if it also happens to be the most colourful part, well that’s a bonus.

Aarhus Travel Guide

You may ask me “where?” when I mention Aarhus. But for fans of the Danish life, you’ll recognise it as Denmark’s second largest city – after Copenhagen, naturally. And it just so happens to be European Capital of Culture 2017. So after falling in love with Copenhagen, I decided to see what else Denmark had to offer. And with a title like the capital of culture, Aarhus seemed the perfect place.

My first stop in this new city, was the famous ARoS art museum.


ARoS is one of the main attractions at Aarhus, and you can understand why when you notice the ‘Your Rainbow Panorama‘ at the heart of the city’s skyline. But it isn’t imposing, nor is it ghastly against the traditional red roofs. In fact it’s beautiful. Of course it’s open to your own interpretation, but to me it felt like it was saying everyone is welcome in Aarhus. However whilst it may be incredibly Instagram friendly, there’s much more to ARoS than Olafur Eliasson’s colourful masterpiece.

The museum really does feature a panorama of art. For a city that isn’t exactly on the top of the art critics list, I personally loved the installations and exhibitions currently on show. The quality of artwork and artists featured is some of the best I’ve seen. ‘No Man is an Island – The Satanic Verses’ features some big big installations, and they are certainly impressive. Yet it was ‘THE GARDEN – End of Times; Beginning of Times’ that won me over. Not only is it incredibly immersive – without becoming a novelty – but it features some thought-provoking messages, such as man’s relationship with nature.

If you’re in Aarhus, the ARoS art museum is a must visit for any culture fans.

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Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide Aarhus Travel Guide

In The Window with Waffle Design | Lifestyle

waffle designIn The Window with Waffle Design, at Sugarhouse Studios

As soon as I stepped in front of Sugarhouse Studios, I knew I was in for a creative evening. The space houses a variety of designers and artists. However on this particular evening I was there to see Waffle Design, courtesy of In The Window. You may remember my previous visit to Daniel Heath’s studios, where I screen printed my own wallpaper. I enjoyed the insight into the designer’s world so much that I knew I had to attend the next event. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long.

Who and What…?

Founded by Ciara, Waffle is a fresh range of organic cotton, home interior accessories using a tactile waffle weave. Using a non-trend orientated colour palette, Ciara aims to create timeless pieces that will fit into anyone’s home. Her creations are simplistic, but never basic.

The Creative Process…

After catching up with my fellow bloggers over some delicious snacks, we were given a tour of the studio by Ciara herself. She talked to us about her design process, and what inspired her to start the company. I was inspired by not only her technique, but her impressive use of colour. One other thing I picked up on whilst wandering around her studio, was that all of her designs seem so effortless. Even so, I could tell that a lot of hard work and love had gone into each piece.

After our tour we were given the chance to create our own woven pouch, using Ciara’s method of choice. I chose a colour palette of dusky pinks and greys, something I felt reflected Waffle design and my own personal taste. Ciara was such a good teacher, that I barely needed to ask for advice. It took us around 30-40 minutes to finish our designs; clearly we weren’t experts yet. Even so time flew by as we relaxed and focused on our pieces. Afterwards Ciara finished off our pouches for us and added her signature tag.

Thanks to Waffle Design and In The Window

I learnt a new skill, whilst getting to know one of my favourite designers from In The Window. I was inspired by Ciara’s work, and her approach to design. I never really think of myself as a creative person, but meeting designers and finding out more about their pieces is incredibly inspiring to me. It pushes me to find out more about the products I buy, and the story behind them. Not only that, but it inspires me to be more productive in my own work.

You can find out more about Waffle Design, at In The Window.
Follow #LiveTheStory on Twitter and Instagram to find out more.

(Photos of me are courtesy of In The Window)

waffle-design-3 waffle-design-4 waffle designwaffle-designwaffle-design-1 waffle-design-2 waffle-design-5waffle design

Screen printing with Daniel Heath

Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath-3Daniel Heath Studio | Blackhorse Workshop, Walthamstow

I don’t have an artistic bone in my body – unless you count photography, which for some reason I don’t. So I’ve always had a lot of respect for those who create art on a daily basis. And if it’s your job, well then, I take my hat off to you. This is exactly the case for Daniel Heath, who screen prints wallpaper and makes wood-etched furniture from his studio in East London. And thanks to In The Window, I was promised a look into his creative process, design story, and most excitingly, the chance to get arty myself. It could either go amazingly, or I could end up ruining everything. But as all good click bait titles do, I’m going to make you read on to find out which one it was.

It was a typical dark Winters evening when I found myself outside Blackhorse Workshop. Illuminated by fairy lights, it looked so inviting. Stepping inside I was greeted by warm smiles, and a bright venue. The Wood Street Coffee shop was adorable. The tables were littered with equally adorable – and delicious – snacks (thanks to Propercorn, Dinah’s Desserts, Nix & Kix, and Moreish Cheesecake). After some mingling and nibbling, we all headed upstairs to Daniel’s studio…

Daniel Heath is a British award winning independent wallpaper, textile and surface designer renowned for his illustrative and engaging designs. His intricate designs make for stunning interior features – my favourites are his new Art Deco architecture-inspired pieces. Each lovingly designed by Daniel himself, and hand painted using silk screens. Having such inspirational art at hand, I was eager to dive in myself. With Daniel beside me, I was shown how to screen print one of his current designs. I was actually pretty impressed with myself – there were no paint disasters, and I didn’t set accidentally fire to anything…so I’d say the evening went pretty well. Jokes aside, screen printing with Daniel Heath was such a joy. His designs are beautiful, and I love the bespoke, handmade aspect to his pieces. Aside from that, Daniel is just an awesome guy, which made the whole experience one I certainly won’t forget. So thank you to Daniel and the team behind In The Window, for allowing me to be part of something very special.

I also want to give a little shout-out to Addison Lee for taking me home that evening. I really appreciated having a warm car whisk me away after the event (especially when there’s free wi-fi).

Check out my curation of Daniel’s work at In The Window.

Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath-5Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath-2 Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath-4 Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath-1 Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath-6 Screen-printing-with-daniel-heath

Amsterdam Travel Diary | Rijksmuseum

amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary-3Rijksmuseum | Museumstraat 11071 XX, Amsterdam | Website

I do love a good museum, and the Rijksmuseum is renowned worldwide for being exactly that. I know not everyone enjoys wandering around museums. However I was in luck as it was my travel companions who suggested we visit this Dutch hub for culture. The perfect activity for a rainy Saturday.

The museum recently finished undergoing renovation in 2013. The main hall is modern, spacious and bright. Of course I fell in love with the minimalist interior. However the hall is not the main drawer to the thousands of tourists who visit every day. Housing classics such as The Night Watch by Rembrandt, the Rijksmuseum is a labyrinth of art and history. Turning each corner reveals something magnificent. From the classics, to a 1960s Yves Saint Laurent mini dress, there’s a variety of items on display. I was pleasantly surprised to find the museum also had collections dedicated to fashion and Asian art. Both of which happen to be interests of mine. After studying Buddhist art at university in Japan, I’ve become somewhat intrigued with the meanings and significance behind ancient religious art. The collections on display here may be modest, but they’ve been expertly curated.

Does the museum live up to it’s reputation? I think so. Even though classical art doesn’t interest me, I had to admit that the artwork on display was impressive. It was particularly wonderful to see so many Dutch artists. I would have liked to seen more contemporary pieces, but then you don’t come here for that.

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amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary-2 amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary-4 amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary-1 amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary-6 amsterdam-rijksmuseum-travel-diary-5

A Masterclass in Burlesque at Cafe de Paris

Last Friday I headed into the depths of the Cafe de Paris. When I arrived the impeccably dressed staff were hurriedly preparing everything for the night’s show. Obulent chandeliers hung from the ceiling, whilst glasses lined the tables, sparkling like crystal. A well dressed man led me to a dark room beneath the dance floor, as I stared at my surroundings in wonder. It almost felt as if I’d walked into London’s own Moulin Rouge.

This was all thanks to Sarah (of The Prosecco Diaries) who had arranged a burlesque evening for a select group of bloggers. I was greeted by Sarah herself with a delicious vodka drink from Pinky, and a lovely smile. It was obvious that everyone was eager to take part in the festivities of the evening as I’m usually one of the first to arrive, but this time round everyone was there before me! Cupcakes and macarons littered the room – a bloggers best friend. We all got to know each other as we nibbled on snacks and sipped our drinks (through adorable straws might I add). As the atmosphere built we were asked to move to the dance floor. Yes, our private room had it’s own dance floor, and boudoir…but that’s a tale for another time. You might be curious at this point as to why we needed a dance floor. Well that’s because we were in for a mini masterclass in burlesque from Zoe from The Cheek Of It School of Burlesque & Cabaret – a very sophisticated and classy lady. I am a very big fan of burlesque and have attended more than my fair share of cabarets. I’ve often left after a show and professed my desire to be a burlesque dancer to anyone who will listen. I find it such a beautiful, sexy and empowering form of art. So you can imagine just how excited I was to have this opportunity. It’s safe to say I shimmied and I shook, like there was no tomorrow! Luckily for me, my eagerness and effort paid off because Zoe chose me as one of the students of the night, alongside the lovely George. Our prize? A sparkly bottle of Prosecco (pimped out by Sparkle Up Your Life), fit for any queen of burlesque. After the class we headed back to the main area of the club to watch the cabaret show, where we sat high above the floor overdosing on fabulous drinks and sweet treats.

The show at Cafe de Paris was wonderful, which was made by the lovely ladies I got to share it with. Although our compère for the night was equal parts fabulous and fierce, I have to say that the burlesque class was my favourite part of the evening. I am hoping I can save up for Zoe’s Showtime Beginners Course because I’ve caught the burlesque bug, and everyone knows that once you’ve started shimmying that booty, you can’t stop (when you have an arse like mine anyway).

Thank you so much to Sarah for hosting another fabulous event, and for all of the goodie bag sponsors. I’ll be uploading the contents of my goodie bag and linking to the brands on my Instagram and Twitter.

Photos: Thanks to Sarah

Photo Diary: The London Coffee Festival

On Saturday I headed to the London Coffee Festival with Nuffnang. That probably sounds a bit odd as I don’t drink caffeinated drinks, right? Well I wanted to find out what other options were available, such as decafe etc. However the rest of the Nuffnang crew had avoided coffee all morning in preparation. Luckily for me I wasn’t let down and there was much more than just coffee on show. There was art, food, music and even fashion stalls on display.

I headed round with some of the girls to get all the info on the exhibitors. Amongst the various brands there were more than a few that stood out for me: One Water, Sprinkled Magic Cupcakes, Impossible iPhone Printer, Novus Tea, Nut Shot Peanut Butter, Joco Reusable Cups, and Evoni Design.

Yes, I do feel bad that I headed to the coffee festival and couldn’t fully enjoy the coffee. However I did catch some amazing smells, and I even had a cheeky little latte at one point. It was a day of laughs, learning and discovery, and I would definitely recommend it.

You can find out more at The London Coffee Festival.

Photo Diary: Culture, Peanut Butter, Skincare and Me

If I ever had my own autobiography it would probably be named something close to the title of this post. The past week or so I’ve really been doing a bit of everything I love, which has been really lovely. The change in weather has given me a bit of a boost and it also means I can get out a bit more. Friends and family have also been visiting, so I get to do lots of stuff I wouldn’t usually do.

I’ve been visiting lots of museums, restaurants and art galleries. I live for culture, probably even more than I live for beauty products – shock, horror! It’s been fun being able to indulge in that particular passion, and I know it won’t end soon. I’ve also been receiving some exciting items in the post, which I’m sure you’ll see on here, no doubt. I thought my love of photography might suffer, what with my camera being sent back for repairs. Luckily that hasn’t been the case, and even though my iPhone 5s isn’t as good, it does the job.

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