Review: Wing Series – Green Circle Lenses

Green OL-103 Wing Series colour contact lenses
Power/Prescription: 0.00 (plano) ~ -10.00
Lens Usage: Up to 12 months (depending on care)
Base Curve Radius: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.00mm
Water Content: 38%

I have blue-grey eyes, so the effect may differ on those with darker eyes.

The Wing Series (by GEO) features a darker outer rim giving a larger more defined look. However it creates a more natural colour by evening out the tones.

I would recommend these lenses for those who want an enlarging effect without it being too much. I also happen to think that they work well with most gal styles as they’re so adaptable.

Now onto the pictures…
These were all taken mid-morning, in Summer lighting, without flash…

I had previously tried out the grey lenses in this series and wasn’t too happy with the look, but these were perfect for my eye colour. They blended really well and looked natural, they even enlarged my eyes a little with the dark outer edge, which is something other natural-look lenses don’t usually offer.
These were very comfortable. I wore these for a trial when I met with some friends and it was a very hot day, and my allergies were crazy. However I had my handy eye drops with me and after a few drops the itchy/dry eyes I usually get along with allergies were gone. The lenses themselves felt great; it was like I wasn’t wearing any at all.
If it is your first time wearing lenses, take it slowly and wear them for only a few hours each day so your eyes will get used to them. I wouldn’t suggest wearing your lenses for too long unless you know it will be ok, and if they get dry just pop some contact lens-friendly eye solution in – never use water!

I loved these lenses. Mukuchu know me well, I adore green lenses and these did not let me down – a perfect choice on their part. They were comfortable, looked great and were natural whilst still enlarging my eyes slightly and making them stand out. These have now replaced my old favourites!!

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Review: Dollywink Volume Mascara

 This post is sponsored by Artie Beauty Cosmetics
Recently, Artie were kind enough to sponsor me with the Dollywink Volume Mascara

It came really quickly and was perfectly packaged. I also appreciated the business card, which I always think is a nice touch
I love the packaging of the Dollywink products, they never fail to impress in my opinion – the mascara comes in a plastic case which stands up so you can proudly display it in your collection
So what about the mascara?
It’s a little clumpy without a eyelash comb to help separate the lashes but it does definitely make them look thicker (it supposedly separates your lashes and makes them thicker). I was hoping for a different effect on my top lashes to be honest, as I can’t always use a comb on them and clumpy lashes are a big no-no for me. Even so it worked nicely on my lower ones.
It blends a lot better with make-up…
Looks much better once the lashes have been tidied up, no?

Well it boosts that it’s long-lasting and waterproof, both of which are attributes that I can say are true. I never had any trouble with it fading during the day, and I even managed to have a shower without it removing. That said, it does remove easily with make-up remover or wipes so don’t worry.

The mascara wand is nothing extraordinary but I did like that it had an ultra fine tip on the brush so that you can use it on your lower lashes and the outer corners – good thinking!

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Review: Angel Edge Series – Brown Circle Lenses

Angel Colour Edge Series Brown (CM-834) colour contact lenses*
Power/Prescription: 0.00 (plano) ~ -10.00
Lens Usage: Up to 12 months (depending on care)
Base Curve Radius: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
I have blue-grey eyes, so the effect may differ on those with darker eyes.

The Angel Colour edge series is designed with a thicker, darker circle on the edge of the contact. This helps create a ‘dolly eye’ effect. The Angel Color series are also one of the best selling brands on the market, so you know they’re good lenses.
Now onto the pictures…
These were taken midday, in Spring lighting, with no flash. 

I thought these lenses were gorgeous! They enhanced my eyes and were the perfect shade of brown. The black edge and flecks in the lenses made them stand out even more. In my opinion they give off a 14.5mm lens effect, thanks to the outer ring. I was really surprised that they blended so well with my blue-grey eyes, but of course they would work even better if you have brown.
I choose simple make-up to compliment my lenses, as I was going for a more mature, nude look. Although I think they would also work well with some darker colours for a dramatic look, or lighter shades for a sweet, dolly look a la Kumicky. 
These were comfortable as soon as I put them in. There was minor irritation during the day as I wore them for 8+ hours, but it wasn’t anything too bad and was solved by popping some solution in my eyes. I definitely prefer 14mm lenses for the feel and these are no exception.
If it is your first time wearing lenses, take it slowly and wear them for only a few hours each day so your eyes will get used to them. I wouldn’t suggest wearing your lenses for too long unless you know it will be ok, and if they get dry just pop some contact lens-friendly eye solution in – never use water!

I fell in love with these lenses as soon as I put them in. They are such a vibrant brown and they really stand out. I feel that they can suit a variety of looks in gal, but most importantly they really go well with my current love for mode-inspired, mature looks.

These have joined my top 3 lenses list and I will definitely be wearing them again and again!!

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Review: BK Nail Polish & Nail Foils

 This post is sponsored by born pretty
Recently, bornprettystore sponsored me with some of their new matt nail polishes and their new nail foils. I don’t actually own any matt polishes/foils so I was pleased to try these out and add them to my collection…

The two colours together~
One of the best things about this polish is that it dries super quickly!
The white went on especially well and gave such a great colour. I was in love with it as soon as I had applied it. The maroon was also nice, but not really my kind of shade – oh well, you gotta take a chance.
With some decoration.
I think this shows the colour off well.
Nail foils are popping up everywhere and can be bought in stores and online. However they can be rather pricey but bornpretty have managed to offer a great set of foils for a very cheap price.
They’re simply stickers in various colours and designs which you can attach to your nails (be them real, or fake) as a whole or as part of a design…
My first attempt~


The foils were difficult to cut-out and put on to start with, but after the first few I got the hang of it. I didn’t want to go for a full nail, instead I opted for a design. I don’t think I did too bad, no?
If you can cut it out of the foils you can put it on your nails!!
The foils lasted about a week (due to washing hands etc.) and the polish almost two with minimal chipping!! I was really impressed by the quality and life of the two products, and would certainly buy more of the polishes! As for the foils, they’re not exactly for everyday use as I change my nails often – therefore a pack would last me for quite a while.
Want to order some of these or more?!
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Born Pretty also offer wholesale prices on all their products and if you spend over $200, EMS shipping is free!! 

Review: Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

This post is sponsored by KKcenterhk
Recently I was sent the ‘10 Shimmer Eyeshadow-Blush Palette‘ to review, by kkcenterhk. And here it is…

Shimmery, no? The colours range from neutral to almost neon and it all comes in a handy black case – like this. The first thing I thought when I opened the package and saw the case was DECO PROJECT! It sounds a little strange but all I could see was a brilliant blank canvas…so I’ll keep you updated on that.
As for the colours…

[ignore my arm hairs haha] 

As you can see the colours are very vibrant, which I was really pleased with. I hate palettes that offer pale shadows, because I always end up trying to apply more and more with no real result. However these went on easily, cleanly and left a great colour!

I played around with a few of the colours and I was able to create a ‘pink’ look, inspired by Popteen’s love of pink make-up from last months issue. The 4 colours I used in these pictures were these ones. I also used the lightest shade as a highlighter and the darkest to shade underneath my lower lashes (that didn’t show up well on camera, unfortunately).

 [No lashes/Mascara] 
[Accent lashes & Mascara]

Overall I thought the colours were brilliant and shimmery (without being too glittery), with the shadows being easy to apply. The shadows are a good quality and texture, whilst still managing to keep the colours vivid – I can’t wait to try the rest out soon. I also want to test out the pink as a blush and combine it with the light cream as a highlighter. When I do I’ll make sure to link back to this post so you will all know!

The only downside is that the palette is rather large, however that also means you get a decent amount of shadow too, so there’s a silver lining. 

Want to order this palette for yourself? –

They ship worldwide and delivery is super fast~

KKcenterhk also sell cosmetics, wigs, hosiery etc. so be sure to check them out!!

Mie has also done a review of a similar palette from the same sponsor on her blog.

Review: Lioele Gel & Pencil Eyeliner

Please say hello to my latest sponsor,
LS is a Korean cosmetic, wig, contact lens and fashion retailer and they sponsored me some of their lovely cosmetics by the brand Lioele. I personally love Korean make-up and it’s famous for it’s good quality at affordable prices – my Japanese tutor would often take trips to Korea just for the cosmetics. That’s why I was so happy to be sponsored by them.
And if you don’t believe me about the hype check out the latest issue of Popsister which has a big feature on Korean cosmetics and their brands. 
All of their cosmetics on the webstore are by the brand Lioele. The first thing I have to say about this brand is that their packaging is gorgeous – it’s simple but elegant. I am a big fan of packaging and I love displaying my cosmetics so these fit perfectly on my make-up table. Anyway, onto the reviews…

See I told you about the packaging! Simple but cute and I love that the brush fits into the lid when you are done with it, but not only that, the brush can be turned around and placed into the lid for a longer version. Very useful for a cat eye…my favourite!!

The gel itself is smooth and goes on easily, and depending on how much you apply it can be as light or dark as you wish. I also liked how it didn’t rub off when re-applying which is a problem I have had with some liquid liners such as Dollywink. It was also long-lasting (lasted the whole day) and smudge proof.



The pencil eyeliner was also in lovely packaging. As for performance I found that it applied easily and blended just as well – great for lower lash line or fixing your upper. It stayed on for the whole day but did smudge a little toward the end, nothing new for pencil liners (in my experience).

Swatch of the two.
Gel on the left, pencil on right.
Gel on upper, pencil on lower.
Nothing else on except for base – no mascara, lashes etc.



BB Cream samples.
But you can buy bottles here:
Swatch of the two.
Beyond on left, triple on right.
…and blended.
Beyond on inner eye, triple on outer.
BB Cream is an amazing innovation from Korea that is slowly making its way into the Western market. My sister has been using it for several years so I’ve been using it and loving it’s wonderful qualities for a while. It helps get rid of dark circles by evening out skin tones and it can even cover scars (which it did for a relative of mine). My sister commented on how she sees it as more of a skin care product with the added bonus of being a foundation.
Lioele’s cream covers skin easily with a natural finish whilst keeping moisture in and creating a smooth base for make-up. It applies like a lotion (light and thin) which makes it so easy and much better than a lot of liquid foundations that can be a bit stodgy. Check out their chart which shows all their BB Creams, including the functions, coverage, brightness etc. of each. is based in Canada but they ship worldwide – shipping is super fast and affordable.
Not only that but they have offered my readers a special offer.
For 5% off use the coupon code : bloomzy
You can also check out their blog for the latest products and make-up tutorials – here.

Japanese hair dye review; Beautylabo & Palty

Whilst in Japan I came across the problem of which hair dye to use – in the UK I was using the same brand and colour each time. Of course I knew and had heard of potential problems with Japanese hair dye, such as it not staying in Caucasian hair due to it being made for the Asian market. Even so, I thought I would give it a try…so here are two reviews for you.
Beautylabo Whip

Beautylabo whip is a relatively new item in the Beautylabo line with 15 colours in the range, 4 of which are new and were featured in the April issue of Popteen in a special fold-out. The novelty behind the ‘whip’ products is a new innovation that has also been hitting foreign markets lately – a foam (mousse) hair dye, rather than liquid (cream?!).

So why is it so great? The mousse application is supposedly easier and more manageable. The mousse doesn’t drip, so there are no worries about accidently dripping it on the work suface etc. *cough*

Also you don’t need to section your hair like you would with a regular hair dye – some brands have even gone as far to claim that you don’t need a mirror, but that’s just silly in my opinion as I’d probably poke myself in the eye – I never claimed I had amazing hand-eye coordination haha. You just massage the mousse in and away you go~

Gloves, powder and mix, conditioner, instructions etc.
And what it looks like when you put it all in the container.
Yep, you mix it in the container it all comes in (great use of packaging) and shake it up…
What you get is a stiff, non-drip foam (mousse).
My friend and I had fun holding it upside down and seeing if it would drip…it didn’t! 
After application…
It lathers on like a shampoo and then just sits like a regular dye. 
The final result: I felt that the end result wasn’t as bright as I had hoped for. Nicola of Graphic Noise also tried out the same colour; Caramel Custard, and said that it turned her hair a very yellow-y shade…which I was kinda hoping for, but unfortunately it just gave me a very light brown…and that was from an orange-y blonde beforehand. The application and dye itself was great and I would certainly use a similar product with the foam ‘technology’ again, but Beautylabo just didn’t cut it for me with colouring.
I would like to mention that it did stick better than a lot of Japanese hair dyes though, which usually wash out. Which brings me to…
Palty Bleach

Ok, so bleach isn’t really a hair DYE but I had tried Palty hair dyes previously and they just didn’t stick at all – as in they would wash out after a couple of shampoos…not good. That’s why I choose to use the Palty Bleach instead. I was a bit cautious to bleach my hair as I know it can be very damaging but I hadn’t done it for almost 6 years so I decided to give it another go.

I had a friend help me with the application after sectioning my hair and he did a very good job, but unfortunately there had not been enough of the bleach for a full coverage so that meant I had to use two lots.

First try, with the bleached hair and un-bleached. 

The final result: I was really happy with the colour, it was a lovely bright blonde for Spring , which I had been hoping for. My hair was a little more coarse and wirey afterwards (see pic) however my hair wasn’t in a much better state before that so I wasn’t really bothered by it.

Well that was back in Japan, and now I am in the UK and my roots were pretty bad (black roots with blonde hair, ewww) so I had a haircut and grabbed some dye from the brand I previously used. I decided to go back to being a brunette (less maintenance) but I also kept the blonde on my under layers after seeing some lovely two tone in the latest issue of Popteen.

So here is a small preview…

Have you used Japanese hair dye before? If so, what were the results like? 

Would you use it now if you hadn’t before?