Review: BK Nail Polish & Nail Foils

 This post is sponsored by born pretty
Recently, bornprettystore sponsored me with some of their new matt nail polishes and their new nail foils. I don’t actually own any matt polishes/foils so I was pleased to try these out and add them to my collection…

The two colours together~
One of the best things about this polish is that it dries super quickly!
The white went on especially well and gave such a great colour. I was in love with it as soon as I had applied it. The maroon was also nice, but not really my kind of shade – oh well, you gotta take a chance.
With some decoration.
I think this shows the colour off well.
Nail foils are popping up everywhere and can be bought in stores and online. However they can be rather pricey but bornpretty have managed to offer a great set of foils for a very cheap price.
They’re simply stickers in various colours and designs which you can attach to your nails (be them real, or fake) as a whole or as part of a design…
My first attempt~


The foils were difficult to cut-out and put on to start with, but after the first few I got the hang of it. I didn’t want to go for a full nail, instead I opted for a design. I don’t think I did too bad, no?
If you can cut it out of the foils you can put it on your nails!!
The foils lasted about a week (due to washing hands etc.) and the polish almost two with minimal chipping!! I was really impressed by the quality and life of the two products, and would certainly buy more of the polishes! As for the foils, they’re not exactly for everyday use as I change my nails often – therefore a pack would last me for quite a while.
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