Review: Angel Edge Series – Brown Circle Lenses

Angel Colour Edge Series Brown (CM-834) colour contact lenses*
Power/Prescription: 0.00 (plano) ~ -10.00
Lens Usage: Up to 12 months (depending on care)
Base Curve Radius: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
I have blue-grey eyes, so the effect may differ on those with darker eyes.

The Angel Colour edge series is designed with a thicker, darker circle on the edge of the contact. This helps create a ‘dolly eye’ effect. The Angel Color series are also one of the best selling brands on the market, so you know they’re good lenses.
Now onto the pictures…
These were taken midday, in Spring lighting, with no flash. 

I thought these lenses were gorgeous! They enhanced my eyes and were the perfect shade of brown. The black edge and flecks in the lenses made them stand out even more. In my opinion they give off a 14.5mm lens effect, thanks to the outer ring. I was really surprised that they blended so well with my blue-grey eyes, but of course they would work even better if you have brown.
I choose simple make-up to compliment my lenses, as I was going for a more mature, nude look. Although I think they would also work well with some darker colours for a dramatic look, or lighter shades for a sweet, dolly look a la Kumicky. 
These were comfortable as soon as I put them in. There was minor irritation during the day as I wore them for 8+ hours, but it wasn’t anything too bad and was solved by popping some solution in my eyes. I definitely prefer 14mm lenses for the feel and these are no exception.
If it is your first time wearing lenses, take it slowly and wear them for only a few hours each day so your eyes will get used to them. I wouldn’t suggest wearing your lenses for too long unless you know it will be ok, and if they get dry just pop some contact lens-friendly eye solution in – never use water!

I fell in love with these lenses as soon as I put them in. They are such a vibrant brown and they really stand out. I feel that they can suit a variety of looks in gal, but most importantly they really go well with my current love for mode-inspired, mature looks.

These have joined my top 3 lenses list and I will definitely be wearing them again and again!!

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