Review: Dollywink Volume Mascara

 This post is sponsored by Artie Beauty Cosmetics
Recently, Artie were kind enough to sponsor me with the Dollywink Volume Mascara

It came really quickly and was perfectly packaged. I also appreciated the business card, which I always think is a nice touch
I love the packaging of the Dollywink products, they never fail to impress in my opinion – the mascara comes in a plastic case which stands up so you can proudly display it in your collection
So what about the mascara?
It’s a little clumpy without a eyelash comb to help separate the lashes but it does definitely make them look thicker (it supposedly separates your lashes and makes them thicker). I was hoping for a different effect on my top lashes to be honest, as I can’t always use a comb on them and clumpy lashes are a big no-no for me. Even so it worked nicely on my lower ones.
It blends a lot better with make-up…
Looks much better once the lashes have been tidied up, no?

Well it boosts that it’s long-lasting and waterproof, both of which are attributes that I can say are true. I never had any trouble with it fading during the day, and I even managed to have a shower without it removing. That said, it does remove easily with make-up remover or wipes so don’t worry.

The mascara wand is nothing extraordinary but I did like that it had an ultra fine tip on the brush so that you can use it on your lower lashes and the outer corners – good thinking!

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