Review: Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge Lip Colour #3

Canmake Stay On Balm Rouge Lip Colour in #3 Tiny Sweetpea
Canmake is a brand you may have seen me mention before on the blog. Hailing from Japan, they offer quality cosmetics at high street prices, which has made them one of Japan’s leading make-up brands. I have been using their products for almost 5 years, but I still get excited when I see a new launch. Their Stay-On Balm Rouge intrigued me as it claims to be a moisturising lip balm with a rouge tint and UV protection. Now I don’t know about you, but that ticks all the boxes in what I’m looking for in a lip product. It comes in 8 shades, ranging from pinks, to corals and reds. I have shade #3 Tiny Sweetpea.
+ Moisturisng
+ Noticeable tint
+ Applies easily
+ Cute packaging
+ Gloss-like finish

– Doesn’t stay on when eating/drinking

First off I have to say how impressed I am with the packaging. Canmake’s products are usually packaged nicely, but this one feels as if they’ve put in extra effort. The twist function makes the product seem more expensive, and it gives easy access to the balm. As for the balm itself, I was expecting something slightly sheer as that’s how it looked when swatched. However I found the colour to be quite pigmented and noticeable when I applied it to my lips. It felt very moisturising and not sticky at all. I’ve had dry lips recently, and this didn’t irritate them like some of my other tinted balms. My only complaint would be that it doesn’t stay on long when drinking or eating, but then not many lip products do. Priced at 580円 (around £3.35) I would definitely repurchase it, and I’d even buy more shades to add to my collection. As for being able to purchase it in Europe/US, the price has been hiked up, as is the usual with Japanese beauty products. If you managed to grab this in Asia then go for it! Still, if you’d like to buy it online it averages at around £8 (with shipping), which I would still pay for a replacement, once I’ve used this one. 
You can purchase Canmake’s Stay-On Balm Rouge Lip Colour at Alpha Beauty Store.

Make-up from Muji, Japan

Last week my lovely friend Renka sent me some Muji goodies all the way from Tokyo, Japan.
Admittedly I went a little Muji crazy after I attended the press event for their new Islington store, and I ended up on their Japanese site. I only visited Muji a couple of times in Japan, but it’s safe to say that the UK stores still have a lot to live up to. The Japanese stores boast snacks, skincare, plants and even make-up (amongst other things). Yes, make-up! As a dedicated beauty blogger I knew that I had to get my hands on some of the products. Renka was amazing and sent me a small parcel before I’d even got the chance to see her enthusiastic reply (to my cry for help)
I really wanted to try out the basics first, and so I asked for the highlighter (in my experience Japanese highlighters are the best), an eye colour base (to use before applying eyeshadow), and one of their foundations (in light natural, with spf). Everything I would need for a simple base. The packaging is also simple, fitting in perfectly with Muji’s ‘no brand’ aesthetic. The addition of helpful application tips on the back allow you to get the best out of your product. I would have loved to try some of their skincare/hair products but I’m a bit cautious when it comes to liquids/creams, due to the Royal Mail suddenly deciding that we’re not allowed to send or receive anything of interest anymore (slight dramatisation).
All 3 products came to just under £11.50, with the foundation being the most expensive product at 900円 (£5.20). Comparing it to UK prices, that’s more than reasonable. Muji may not be a well known beauty brand in Europe, but they’re a trusted company with a loyal fan base in Japan, so I’m really looking forward to trying these and reviewing them on the blog.
Browse Muji Japan‘s make-up section, or take a peek at Muji UK (sadly, sans make-up).

Review: 3 Concept Eyes Lipstick #204

I was introduced to 3 Concept Eyes lip markers recently, so I was eager to try their lipsticks also. I was sent an orange shade, which I’m sure will be very popular this Spring/Summer. It was my first time using this kind of shade, so I had my serious review hat on.
Swatched on hand in natural light, and on lips in artificial light.

+ Creamy texture
+ Didn’t dry my lips out
+ Highly pigmented
+ Easy to apply

– Transfers when eating/drinking
– Not long lasting
– Creamy but not moisturising

I was a little unsure about this colour because I’m actually quite scared of orange shades. Still, I thought I’d give it a try and see what all the fuss was about with these lipsticks. Luckily I was impressed from the moment I laid eyes on it. Although the poorly applied manicure on the packaging (done on purpose or not?) bugs me, the lipstick itself comes in a classic black tube. The formula is very creamy, so it applies easily, but doesn’t bleed at all. When applied, the colour was pretty much the same as that in the tube – highly pigmented and very orange. It was slightly intimidating. Whereas the lipstick didn’t dry my lips out, it also didn’t stay on my lips after eating/drinking, so it wasn’t exactly long lasting. I love the texture and pigmentation these lipsticks offer, and although this shade isn’t exactly to my taste I’d happily purchase another. For £13.25 this isn’t ‘drugstore’ prices, but if you fancy splurging it’s well worth it. 
You can purchase 3 Concept Eyes Lipstick in Come to Me at Lunatu.

Review: 3 Concept Eyes Lip Marker

3 Concept Eyes is a Korean beauty brand I was introduced to recently. To be honest I’ve used a lot of Korean skincare products, but not much makeup. I love the appeal of lip markers, so when I was sent this one I was eager to try something new. You know I love my red lipsticks too, so this shade was also something I’d pick up myself.
Swatched on hand in natural light, and on lips in artificial light.

+ Long lasting
+ Doesn’t transfer/rub off
+ Didn’t dry my lips out
+ Nice shade

– More orange than red
– Not pigmented, so colour needs to be built up

I have such mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, it’s an amazing lip product that doesn’t transfer or rub off during wear. It can last a good 8 hours without you having to re-apply it, and it doesn’t dry your lips out. Yet on the other hand this really isn’t the shade I was expecting. As you can see by the hand swatch above, it’s more of an orange than a red. I’m a bit confused as to why it’s sold as a red. The colour does need to be built up with this, like a lot of lip markers, so application takes a little bit longer. I like the product but I feel a little let down by the difference in the shade. However I do like the shade and I will be wearing it again. For £11.25 it’s a bit more than I would usually pay for a brand I’m not familiar with, and due to the shade problem I probably wouldn’t buy this product.
You can purchase 3 Concept Eyes Lip Marker in Red at Lunatu.

Review: Shiseido Fullmake Washable Base

You’d be forgiven if you’re slightly confused as to what this product does. Whereas the name may be in English, it doesn’t make much more sense than FWB. Well Shiseido can be forgiven as this skincare product is aimed at the Japanese market. This is a base for your make-up, that will help it stay put, but also easier to remove. It also claims to nourish skin, whilst evening your skin tone and improving lip colour. I decided to give it a go as I love Shiseido, and the idea behind this.
+ Easy to apply
+ Fragrance free
+ Non-sticky formula
 + Kept my make-up in place
+ My foundation washed off easily

– Doesn’t work on waterproof make-up, such as eyeliner/mascara
– Left a mark when I got a spot of water on my face during the day

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I put this on in the morning, but it applied easily with no fuss. The base is fragrance free, which is always a plus for a face product in my books. The product has a texture between a cream and a gel, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I wore this over a few days and my make-up did stay put each day. Although on one of those days I happened to splash some water on my face, and it did leave a visible mark on my foundation, but it wasn’t too big. When it came to washing it off, now that’s when I got excited. There are a whole bunch of instructions on how to apply and wash this off to get the best out of the product, and they’re definitely worth reading – at least I read them. You can read them here. So after following the instructions I noticed that my foundation had come off my face and was mixed in with the water droplets on my skin. It’s hard to explain, and it looks a bit odd, but it works! It removed my eyeliner and mascara…to the rest of my face, but then this doesn’t work on waterproof make-up, which makes sense. You do need a cloth or cotton pad to remove the make-up…or you could maybe stick your head in the sink, but I’d recommend the former. I was impressed with how my foundation removed so easily, and it left my skin ready for a good cleansing. It definitely makes the removal of make-up, and your skincare routine a lot easier. For around £11, this isn’t a bad price and is up there with some well known British brand primers – but then this does a bit more than that. I’d consider purchasing this, for all of its benefits, because it does exactly what it says on the tin tube.
You can purchase Shiseido’s Fullmake Washable Base at Lunatu.

Review: Canmake Lip Care Essence

Canmake Lip Care Essence

This is a product I’ve kept hidden from you all for a while. But I can’t be selfish any longer, so I’ve decided to review it for you. Canmake are a Japanese drugstore-equivalent beauty brand. They can be found in most stores across Japan that stock beauty products. They are also available in some stores across other parts of Asia, and online. The collections are usually very well priced for the quality of the goods. I’ve been using Canmake products for around 6 years now and I love them.

+ Very moisturising
+ Helped when I had chapped lips
+ Great base for lipstick
+ Cute packaging
+ Can be used as a gloss

– Sticky

As an avid user of lip balms I wasn’t expecting much from a gloss lip care product. Yet Canmake have won me over again with this one. This gloss is an amazing all rounder product that works great for general lip-care but is also good as a base for lipsticks, or to get a natural gloss look on lips. It can be sticky, like all glosses, so probably best to avoid wearing it on a windy day – trust me, I know from experience. However it has kept my lips chap free, and even helped when I had chapped lips recently. It’s a great size so it would fit into any handbag easily, but there’s plenty of product. It leaves my lips hydrated, soft and smooth, and doesn’t stay sticky for too long. It’s worth mentioning that this has a very very light pink tone to it, and there is also a cherry toned one. This was bought in Japan for a very reasonable 680円 (around £4.10). You can buy this particular product online but unfortunately like most imported products, prices have been hiked up.

You can buy Canmake’s Lip Care Essence on eBay and at YesStyle.