Review: Canmake Lip Care Essence

Canmake Lip Care Essence

This is a product I’ve kept hidden from you all for a while. But I can’t be selfish any longer, so I’ve decided to review it for you. Canmake are a Japanese drugstore-equivalent beauty brand. They can be found in most stores across Japan that stock beauty products. They are also available in some stores across other parts of Asia, and online. The collections are usually very well priced for the quality of the goods. I’ve been using Canmake products for around 6 years now and I love them.

+ Very moisturising
+ Helped when I had chapped lips
+ Great base for lipstick
+ Cute packaging
+ Can be used as a gloss

– Sticky

As an avid user of lip balms I wasn’t expecting much from a gloss lip care product. Yet Canmake have won me over again with this one. This gloss is an amazing all rounder product that works great for general lip-care but is also good as a base for lipsticks, or to get a natural gloss look on lips. It can be sticky, like all glosses, so probably best to avoid wearing it on a windy day – trust me, I know from experience. However it has kept my lips chap free, and even helped when I had chapped lips recently. It’s a great size so it would fit into any handbag easily, but there’s plenty of product. It leaves my lips hydrated, soft and smooth, and doesn’t stay sticky for too long. It’s worth mentioning that this has a very very light pink tone to it, and there is also a cherry toned one. This was bought in Japan for a very reasonable 680円 (around £4.10). You can buy this particular product online but unfortunately like most imported products, prices have been hiked up.

You can buy Canmake’s Lip Care Essence on eBay and at YesStyle.