Review: Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette, from the Nude Glow Collection
I’ve been lusting after this palette
since it’s release.
So after a couple of weeks of thinking ‘I
need this’, I finally bought it.
The Nude Glow Collection is Bobbi Brown’s grown-up
take on sparkles and shimmer.
Out of the 3 eyeshadow palettes
available, Crystal Eyes was the one that stood out to me.
+ Good pigmentation
+ Gorgeous packaging
+ Complimentary colours
+ Matte and shimmer shadows
+ Shades are subtle yet noticeable
+ Great for travelling/keeping in
– Shades may not suit everyone
– Limited edition
This palette is everything I wanted it
to be. I have been using matte browns and cream shades for so long
that I had forgotten all about pinks, and sparkly shadows. I’m not
going to lie, the advertising for the Nude Glow Collection was a
major factor in me purchasing it. Katie Holmes looks almost ethereal
in the campaign and as a fellow pale lady I felt that if Joey Potter
could work it, then maybe I could too. These shades may be subtle but
they are perfect for brightening up your eyes. I’m not usually a fan
of shimmer shades but these almost look as if you’re wearing teeny
tiny crystals on your eye lids…well done Bobbi! I think this
palette would suit most people, but understandably not everyone is a
fan of pink and shimmers. I wasn’t even really, but I’ve been won
over by these. The Nude Glow Collection is limited edition and this
particular palette is selling out fast, so it may be a case of
tracking it down online or at your local Bobbi Brown concession asap,
before they’re all snapped up!

The Bobbi Brown Crystal Eyeshadow Palette is sold out at most online stockists.
If you would like to purchase it, I would suggest heading to your local Bobbi Brown concession.