Valentine’s Day: Lingerie Gift Set from F&F

Valentine’s Day gift from F & F Clothing*
When I told the fiancé someone had sent me some lingerie as a Valentine’s gift he was appalled.
He calmed down though when I told him it was from the lovely people at F & F Clothing, at Tesco.
Not only do I feel lucky to be receiving presents from someone other than him, but look at these beauties!
The lingerie set is so cute, and as you know I’m not a massive fan of pink.
However when I tried this set on, I was taken aback at how lovely it looked on.
Not to be too cliché, but this set just seems so perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.
The floral pattern, diamante detail and the small cut-out works really well together.
The set comes off as pretty, sexy and classy all in one, which I don’t think is very easy to do.
Not only is it lovely, but it fit perfectly too, which can be difficult with the variety in sizing.
The bra comes in an array of sizes from a B cup to all the way up to a G cup – nice one!
I’m sure a lot of you know how annoying it is when a gorgeous bra doesn’t come in your size.
Well done F & F for covering all the bases there. A lot of ladies will be very happy with that.
I’m really won over by the quality of this set, and am very thankful.
Not only was the bra a nice surprise but look at the rest of these goodies!
Chocolate, check. Selection of appropriate beauty products, check.
This is the perfect gift to keep me looking fabulous this Valentine’s day.
You can purchase the Miranda Embroided Bra set in sizes 34DD – 40G at F&F Clothing.
You can also find sizes 32B – 38DD at F&F Clothing.