Sustainable and Ethical Lingerie Brand – IDentity Lingerie

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IDentity Lingerie is a UK-based sustainable and ethical lingerie brand

I don’t buy clothes very often; in fact if I’m being extravagant I might buy a new item of clothing once every few weeks. As someone who cares about the quality and story behind the clothes they’re buying, this has made it much easier for me to be sustainable.

I probably buy new lingerie even less often, but not always for the same reasons. The reality is that I find it difficult to purchase sustainable and pretty lingerie in my size. Anything over a D cup is often plain, overly expensive, mass-produced, or a mixture of all three. This is why I was not only intrigued but genuinely happy when IDentity Lingerie contacted me about collaborating with them.

A Sustainable and Ethical Lingerie Brand

How can a lingerie brand be both sustainable and ethical?

IDentity Lingerie is a family run business based in Lincolnshire, UK. They’ve been using high-quality fabrics to hand-make sustainable and ethical lingerie since 2017. They use a variety of best practices to make sure that their brand is as sustainable and ethical as can be, such as:

  • On-demand production & made to order items
  • Using sustainable materials, and refurbishing any returns
  • They follow European labour laws and offer their artisans fair competitive wages

When my items arrived I was so incredibly happy with the quality of the material and the fit. Not only was my lace back bralette comfortable, but it also looked incredibly stylish and sexy. Which as I mentioned before is not something I’m usually lucky enough to find when buying bras. The strappy panties were also a great fit and looked really beautiful.

I was also very impressed with IDentity’s customer service when I couldn’t find my exact size. They asked me for my measurements and passed them on to their highly skilled artisans to make sure I had the perfect fit. And this wasn’t a one-off, they will happily help out their customers who are unsure of their size or just want a second opinion.

If you’re looking for lingerie for big bust, or just trying to make your underwear draw a bit more sustainable and ethical, IDentity Lingerie is worth checking out.

sustainable and ethical lingerie brand 2

This post is in collaboration with IDentity Lingerie. However, all images, words and opinions are my own.

Valentine’s Day: Lingerie Gift Set from F&F

Valentine’s Day gift from F & F Clothing*
When I told the fiancé someone had sent me some lingerie as a Valentine’s gift he was appalled.
He calmed down though when I told him it was from the lovely people at F & F Clothing, at Tesco.
Not only do I feel lucky to be receiving presents from someone other than him, but look at these beauties!
The lingerie set is so cute, and as you know I’m not a massive fan of pink.
However when I tried this set on, I was taken aback at how lovely it looked on.
Not to be too cliché, but this set just seems so perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.
The floral pattern, diamante detail and the small cut-out works really well together.
The set comes off as pretty, sexy and classy all in one, which I don’t think is very easy to do.
Not only is it lovely, but it fit perfectly too, which can be difficult with the variety in sizing.
The bra comes in an array of sizes from a B cup to all the way up to a G cup – nice one!
I’m sure a lot of you know how annoying it is when a gorgeous bra doesn’t come in your size.
Well done F & F for covering all the bases there. A lot of ladies will be very happy with that.
I’m really won over by the quality of this set, and am very thankful.
Not only was the bra a nice surprise but look at the rest of these goodies!
Chocolate, check. Selection of appropriate beauty products, check.
This is the perfect gift to keep me looking fabulous this Valentine’s day.
You can purchase the Miranda Embroided Bra set in sizes 34DD – 40G at F&F Clothing.
You can also find sizes 32B – 38DD at F&F Clothing.

Let’s Talk About…Boobs & Bras

I recently bought a couple of new bras after suspecting that my bra size had changed and thought it might be a good idea to chat a little bit about bras and finding the right size etc. on here. 
It turned out I was correct and after a fitting I left with two new very comfortable bras. I am just over the average end of the bra spectrum at a 34E and have had back trouble in the past because of poor fitting bras. These new ones felt so comfortable that it was almost odd. I soon realised I’d been wearing the wrong size for about half a year, which is worrying. It’s not that I didn’t care, in fact I’d been meaning to get fitted for a new bra for more than half of that time, it’s just that life and work took over. How silly is that? The majority of women wear a bra everyday, so it’s pretty important that we are wearing the right one. 

Now how about some horror stories to prove my point?
When I was 13 years old I actually had a member of a very well known, established high-street store tell me that wearing underwire bras can cause cancer. Yes that actually happened, and I was a very impressionable teenager at the time. I was so worried I tried to find non-underwire bras, and stopped wearing the ones that I had. Obviously I soon found out that this wasn’t true after I told my mum a few months later. Several years on and I finally went back to the same store to be fitted for a new bra. The woman looked at me, and without measuring me, told me I was a 32C. Up to this point I’d been wearing a 32E so I knew this wasn’t true. I tried to tell her this but she refused to believe me and told me to try on the C cup bras she had brought me. I was quite upset but tried them anyway, because “Hey, this is her job so she must be able to do it properly, right?” Wrong. The bras were painfully uncomfortable and I left the store very annoyed and with no new bra. 
I haven’t been back since.
My point here is that there are a lot of myths and silliness concerning bras and your size, so it’s important that you know what is best for you, and that you get the best fit. If I had let these people leave a long-term impression I would be wearing the completely wrong bra for me, and I’d also probably have long-term back problems. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when buying a bra such as the size, fit and style of the bra – not all styles will fit in your particular size or offer you the support you need. That’s why I think it’s important to be fitted, because you can discuss sizes and styles with the assistant. They’ll tell you which will fit you best and which ones to stay away from. Alternatively you can try finding out your bra size yourself at home. This method can be flawed, but is helpful for those who aren’t comfortable with doing it in a store.
I have since been to several other high-street stores that have offered great bra fittings, which I would highly recommend. These are House of Fraser, Ann Summers and Boux Avenue. All 3 stores offer something different but have impressed me with their services. I buy my regular t-shirt bras from Boux Avenue (sizes A-G) and at only £18 each, they are a bargain! I have a couple of lacey bras from House of Fraser, which are a little more expensive but offer great quality. Finally if I fancy something a bit sexier I go to Ann Summers, who have some gorgeous bras for larger busted women – something that is not always easy to find. 
So here’s to finding the perfect bra for you – good luck!

OOTD: Nana Fancy Dress

(Jacket: Primark, Top: Japan, Shorts: Zara, Tights: eBay, Shoes: Barratts*)

On Saturday I went to a joint party for two friends, and of course there was a theme.
All the best parties have themes, and this one was ‘Cartoon Characters of the 90s/2000s’.
I don’t watch many cartoons but from the ones I have watched/watch I just couldn’t think of a character.
Then I remembered that one of my favourite fictional characters of the 2000s was originally an anime (Japanese cartoon).
So I may have cheated a little bit as mine was based on a live action movie character, but the thought was there.
Who did I go as? Nana Osaki (reference photo here).
I love her strong character, and of course her personal style!
I paired suspender tights with my new faux leather jacket, a staple for any Nana costume.
I also choose a skull motif top I bought in Japan (fitting, no?) and some ripped denim shorts from Zara.
The piece de resistance though were the wedge creepers that Barratts recently gifted me – I’m in love!
They are the comfiest, most badass pair of shoes I own at the moment and I want to pair them with everything.
They are perfect for the rock chick side of my personal style…and for any future fancy dress parties, of course.
I even created a short bob hair style using this cheat by Cheesie, and used a leather bracelet as a choker.
What do you think of my fancy dress costume?
For fans of the creepers, they also come in red, blue and purple – I WANT THEM ALL!

Recent Fashion ‘Haul’

(Underwear & Sandals: Topshop, Blouse: Internacionale, T-shirt: Zara)

I thought I might share with you some of the fashion items I’ve been buying recently.
Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of these in my outfit shots from my holiday as that is why I bought most of them…except for the underwear, be surprised if you see those. To be honest I’d be surprised too.
Apart from a few poor pairs that I’ve bought in the past, Topshop underwear has to be my favourite.
I’m so picky about patterns and shapes etc. that I find it difficult to actually find underwear that matches what I am looking for. Topshop never fails to please in this aspect though. I always end up buying one in each type and pattern. I just wish they did matching bras in my size, but I don’t think that will ever be a reality in Topshop.
I also like their shoes, as they’re always pretty, although sometimes overpriced – luckily I grabbed these sandals in the sale for only £15. It may not be sandal weather in England right now, but hopefully it will be whilst I am away on holiday.
Finally I picked up the blouse from the Internacionale sale, and the Zara top from their sale. The Zara top was actually to replace a very similar one that the fiancé bought me in Paris, that I accidentally ruined. The blouse was because I was drawn to the colour, buttons and the cut-out shoulders. It’s incredibly sheer though, so I’ll have to figure that out.
It’s just a shame that I probably won’t get much use out of the blouse and sandals when I return.
Unless the weather changes dramatically that is, not that I would complain!

Review: Panache Lingerie

Recently I was contacted to review a bra for British lingerie brand Panache.
Another brand offering small sizes to those for larger women, starting from AA-KK.
However their speciality is lingerie aimed at D+ sizes, and this is where myself and a few other bloggers stepped in to review one of their lovely pieces. I choose the Ariza Balconette Bra.
Now to be honest with you, I wasn’t too sure why I choose the Ariza Balconette to begin with.
I’m not a fan of this type of bra (I also own another from a high-end department store that is not so comfortable), nor am I really a fan of orange and purple together. I had convinced myself I would dislike it straight away.
HOWEVER when the bra arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The colours looked much better and brighter in person, and the material felt very soft. I was also surprised at how comfortable the bra is. Like I said I’m not a fan of balconettes due to them being a bit uncomfortable and not offering much support – but this one is amazing. It basically feels like I’m wearing invisible support. It also fit perfectly, which I was surprised about as my size tends to vary in different stores.
And finally, I love how this bra looks on me, and my breasts!
I was even tempted to take a photo in it, that’s how much I love it.
However I decided not to scare you all half to death so early in the morning with photos of my bosom.
You’ll just have to take my word for it. This bra is comfortable, pretty and offers plenty of support.
You can browse the Panache Lingerie store here.

Current Inspiration

Please excuse the mess that is me piling a bunch of photos together.
I just wanted to visualise some of my current inspirations, which are:
Girly mixed with boyish, patterned tights, flowers, bright colours, gradients, feminine lingerie,
monochrome, black on black, gold, pearls and studs, polka dots, orange & white,
stiletto nails, comfy t-shirts, petals, purple, brightly coloured food and pastels.
As you can see my inspirations don’t just come from fashion or beauty. Of course when I say inspiration it doesn’t necessarily mean fashion-wise. I love surrounding myself with things that inspire me, and I think that does ultimately translate into my personal style, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t take inspiration for other aspects of my life.
These images are not mine, and were taken from my Tumblr, Style Saint & Pinterest.
Feel free to add me on any or all.