Review: 3 Concept Eyes Lip Marker

3 Concept Eyes is a Korean beauty brand I was introduced to recently. To be honest I’ve used a lot of Korean skincare products, but not much makeup. I love the appeal of lip markers, so when I was sent this one I was eager to try something new. You know I love my red lipsticks too, so this shade was also something I’d pick up myself.
Swatched on hand in natural light, and on lips in artificial light.

+ Long lasting
+ Doesn’t transfer/rub off
+ Didn’t dry my lips out
+ Nice shade

– More orange than red
– Not pigmented, so colour needs to be built up

I have such mixed feelings about this product. On the one hand, it’s an amazing lip product that doesn’t transfer or rub off during wear. It can last a good 8 hours without you having to re-apply it, and it doesn’t dry your lips out. Yet on the other hand this really isn’t the shade I was expecting. As you can see by the hand swatch above, it’s more of an orange than a red. I’m a bit confused as to why it’s sold as a red. The colour does need to be built up with this, like a lot of lip markers, so application takes a little bit longer. I like the product but I feel a little let down by the difference in the shade. However I do like the shade and I will be wearing it again. For £11.25 it’s a bit more than I would usually pay for a brand I’m not familiar with, and due to the shade problem I probably wouldn’t buy this product.
You can purchase 3 Concept Eyes Lip Marker in Red at Lunatu.