Let’s Get Naked Ladies!

Nude polishes make me feel all gooey inside. I’m a big sucker for a subtle shade and an ultra chic nail. Say hello to The Lacquer Lab and their new Naked Ladies collection. They are seriously trying to woe me with these shades and swatches.
The Naked Ladies collection is made up of 6 nude shades: Venus, Nymphette, Kleopatra, Nude Maja, Dita and Pamela. If those names aren’t enough to tempt you then maybe the polishes will. With 2 pearlescent shades and 4 luxe-crème shades, you’re spoilt for choice. The Lacquer Lab have stayed with their large bottles, meaning plenty of product. Don’t forget they’re also cruelty and toxin free, and made right here in Great Britain! The polishes will retail at £7 each, and £35 for the whole collection.
If you’re new to the brand don’t forget to check out my review of their polishes.
The Naked Ladies collection is available from today at The Lacquer Lab.
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