Lazy Oaf S/S 2012 Collection

Lazy Oaf S/S 2012 Collection

I may not be a cat lady, or a particularly big fan of cats in general, but I do love cat print on clothing.
So when I saw the new S/S Collection by Lazy Oaf I was instantly drawn in and ran off to the website to take a peek at the lookbook.

After drooling over the two middle tops (I must have them), I decided to choose some of the other items that I plan to add to my wardrobe from the new collection. I do realise the hypocrisy in this post, after only mentioning in my last one that I don’t own many t-shirts…well Lazy Oaf are obviously the ones to change that.

Isn’t the Watermelon dress garishly amazing?!
I don’t know if I could work it, but I’d definitely give it a try!

Prices start at £30, you can check out the entire women’s collection here

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Photo Diary; Weekend in Leeds

Hilton Hotel, Leeds City Centre, Little Tokyo

For mine and my fiancé’s 3 year anniversary I decided to treat him to a weekend away.
Lucky for me The Hilton Hotel has some great offers on right now. Their Leeds hotel was just as lovely as any of their others I had previously visited. With a gym, swimming pool, spa, restaurant and bar you could stay inside all weekend! 
As tempting as that was, we did venture outside eventually…
I had a few places I wanted to visit, such as Harvey Nichols, Seasons, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.
Unfortunately neither Harvey Nichols nor Seasons had the Marc Jacobs phone case I have been searching for. I think I will definitely have to buy it online. However, Topshop and Urban Outfitters did have what I wanted. I shall post those later!
After some retail therapy we headed to Little Tokyo, a wonderful Japanese restaurant that Sami had previously introduced me to. Their food is delicious, especially their vegan options. I’m not a vegan myself, but I love vegetables and tofu.
It did snow quite a bit that weekend, and unfortunately it disrupted our stay a little, meaning we had to head home early so we didn’t get caught up in any delays on the train. Any Brits reading this will know of the chaos that snow causes to our transport every year.
Unfortunately the battery died in the camera, so there aren’t as many photos as I would have liked, sorry.

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S Collection 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S Ready to Wear Collection 2012

As soon as I laid eyes on Meadham Kirchhoff’s S/S 2012 runway show I was drawn in.
The fluffy skirts, the pastels and decorated flatforms…I could go on and on.
I can definitely see this collection fitting in with the teenagers in Harajuku, with their varied and often outrageously fashionable street styles. I really do miss the kitsch, colourful outfits I would see, probably due to my gorgeous little friend who epitomised everything about Japanese street style, so this collection really appeals to me.
Whether I see people wearing these items in Harajuku or Halifax (a town in West Yorkshire that’s not so well known for its fashion sense) I don’t care! Just seeing that smiley-heart apron dress, or catching a glimpse of a cute kitten on a t-shirt would brighten my day.
Some of Meadham Kirchhoff’s items can be found on Net-A-Porter, but I can’t wait for the English designers collaboration with Topshop on their nail wraps (available from mid-Feb).

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My Birthday Suit

(Top; Upson Downes by William Anzenvino, Skirt; new look, Shoes; Internacionale)

I think everybody has the right to be a star on their birthday.
Ok, ok, maybe I took it a little too literal, but this top was a present from my fiancé’s parents & sister! I love the cut of it, so simple yet unique. William Anzenvino’s latest line ‘Upson Downes’ is currently available at Urban Outfitters – sold out online, but some items are still available in-store.
The black chiffon, dip hem skirt is something I’ve been after for a while.
Well luckily I found this one the week before my birthday – perfect timing, and only £22.99!

Karl, by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl, by Karl Lagerfeld Collection

The Karl, by Karl Lagerfeld collection hit NET-A-PORTER on Wednesday afternoon. The exclusive collection includes: clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. 

It should be said that this collection is not going to be the same as the creations coming out of Chanel, this is a side project for Karl, so obviously it is separate from the fashion house. They may both share the same man, but that doesn’t mean they’re alike. The collection plays with mixing fabrics together (love this!) such as pvc, cotton, leather and more. You’ll find a wide selection of items ranging from collars, to vest tops, dresses and tote bags, to mention a few.
I’m impressed at the diversity of the pieces, because when I clicked on the site for the launch I was hit by monotone, pvc and leather, which was a little underwhelming. The pieces may look similar but I think any item (or a multitude) could make a great addition to any closet. My favourites are the tshirts, vests and sweaters.
The items are selling out, but not as quickly as I would have thought.
Prices range from £20-£980 – woah! Get in their quickly girls!!
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Murua S/S Collection 2012

 Murua Spring/Summer Collection 2012 – Flower Girl

Murua have been one of my favourite Japanese brands since their debut.
This season doesn’t see my love faltering at all, in fact I think it may have grown a little. Whereas I don’t exactly see the ‘Flower Girl’ concept (lost in translation, maybe?) throughout the entire collection, I do like what they’ve come out with for S/S 2012. 
I love how a lot of the pieces can be dressed up or down, which will no doubt appeal to girls who want to spend on their favourite brand but don’t have money to throw about. The use of monochrome, as always, reigns supreme in Murua, although this season we also see the use of pastels…and a lone pair of neon wedges. Murua also jump on the bandwagon with their variation of the always popular creepers, offering a wedge version, which I must have.
The pastel chinos, crop top, washed out denim shirt and 90s style dress are easily found overseas for those who don’t have access to the brand. Topshop and Urban Outfitters being my recommendation.

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Instagram Weekly 2

This week; plenty of eating…mainly homemade food, which I have been making myself. My love for cooking seems to have been rekindled early in the New Year. 
I finally began to unpack and place new items onto workspaces etc. 
The unpacking was short lived though as I headed off to a hotel & spa with the fiancé for the weekend; hot stone massages and rose scented baths – thanks again Alanna, for the bath salts!
I also received early birthday wishes in the form of an adorable birthday card from a family friend.