Goodbye Christmas, Hello Sales!

Preview of some gets from the Sales.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
I spent lots of time with family; eating, drinking & receiving some wonderful presents. 

Today I took a sneak peek at the Sales, which I shall enjoy with friends tomorrow. I did pick up a couple of jumpers, which I very much wanted and needed. Both look like regular jumpers but the material is much more interesting up-close. I’m sure you’ll see them in code posts soon.

Winter Warmer

My fiancé bought me this dress almost 2 years ago, on our first holiday to Japan together. It’s from a small, but wonderful store in Shibuya 109’s basement.
I only get to bring it out in Winter as it’s made from a very thick, almost fleece-like material. It’s simple, but the material & studs dotted around the collar make it different enough for people to compliment me on it. This has to be one of my staple Winter pieces, and I hope it will be for a while.

Sneak peek

A sneak peek at my Christmas party dress; lace & a perfect silhouette
I plan to snazz it up with fancy tights and some bling.
Have you guys picked out your Christmas/New Years outfits?

If I was a rich girl…

I would certainly be buying up a storm in Urban Outfitters. I’ve always been a fan of the store ever since my first visit to America. There are a few stores littered across the UK but I usually have to travel to visit one.

Tea & Topshop

Sorry for the lack of updates. I had a very productive weekend, and a very busy last few days Yesterday I travelled cross-country to my fiance’s house, and I am now relaxing in surprisingly sunny Wales

Anyway, rewind a few days…on Monday I got to see one of my best friends, who I hadn’t seen since before going to Japan, shocking haha
We caught up over some ice tea at Pret, whilst being attacked by wasps…there seems to be a lot in England this Summer

Then we headed off to Topshop. I’ve never been a devoted Topshop-lover like some of my friends but this season I have loved almost all of their collection…especially the jewellery. So I picked up a few pieces 

I saw this cross double-ring when I was with Alanna, so I went back for it

I had to buy this ear cuff, because it took me back to my grungey high-school days haha It also reminds me of when I was obsessed with learning about the Egyptians in first school. A little bit of me still wants to re-live that dream and become an archaeologist
and the pièce de résistance…

A leotard!

I joked with my friend that my purchases must have been the most hipster they’d had for a while Seriously though, I bought the leotard to go under my high-waisted shorts/skirts because it can be quite awkward sometimes when vest tops get ruffled etcit creates a nice clean silhouette[Thanks Tori]…does that make any senses!? haha

My new favourite bracelet and yes Alanna, I can remove it
The bracelet is not from Topshop, unlike all the other items I bought, but from H&M. I just wanted to add it because I’ve been wearing it a lot lately and I actually bought it when I met with Toni & Alanna.
So there is a little update for now, sorry it’s nothing amazing
I hope you’re all looking forward to my upcoming giveaway. I plan to post it by the end of next week, so keep an eye out

New hair, gets and a outfit…

Today I visited my stylist as I wanted to get my hair cut and coloured before I headed off to Paris. Disclaimer: Hair is un-styled and too thin, ごめんね!haha

Smiley due to lack of make-up




It took over 3hrs to dye and cut my hair as I had the roots of my bottom layer bleached and then a couple of conditioning treatments (because she didn’t want to damage my hair) and some toner to get it as blonde as possible – then she did my top layer a chocolate brown. She really took her time and did a great job so I can’t complain that I was stuck there for too long.
My hair feels so thin lately though. I am using a new shampoo and conditioner which is helping but I’d still love any ‘volumising’ tips you might have.
A quick outfit shot from Wednesday when I went to the meeting at my university. I wanted to try the ‘blogger’ look in preparation for my upcoming post, but I feel that I needed more statement jewellery (necklace, earrings?) and maybe more layering?
Lace-back top: H&M (from this post).
Shorts: ZARA
Yellow ring: bought in a boutique in France.
Brown & Black rings: H&M (from this post).
Crystal ring: Swarovski
Orb ring: Vivienne….nah 315円 store haha
Earrings: Also H&M (from this post).
 Necklace: Swarovski
After making the ‘Spring Trend‘ post I decided that I wanted to invest in a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots, in black. However ‘Office’ didn’t have them in-store or online and I am impatient so… Therefore I headed back to Topshop where I had found their take on the boots and snagged them for only £30 (down from £90). I’m more than happy since that’s a very big saving.
As you can see they’re very similar to the original except they have a buckle across the front (I’m thinking of removing it) and the heel is a darker brown. They are a tiny bit small, but that’s because I’m a half size and nowhere stocks half sizes, so I’m always stuck with something slightly too big or small, but I usually adapt to them so… haha XD
They also make me SUPER tall and almost as tall as my boyf, so I adore them!
LUSH ‘Retread‘ – triple strength conditioner.
I have been using this alongside LUSH’s ‘Trichomania‘ shampoo bar and my hair is feeling so much softer and in a better condition than it has been for a long time – plus it smells great. I will switch to one of their volumising shampoo bars soon though.
Lastly, some headbands from H&M.
I wanted to buy a lot more but I’m saving my money for Paris…as I am more than certain I will find some lovely items there!

Spring Trends

It may feel like Summer is well on the way, but I thought I would talk about a few of the current Spring trends that have caught my eye. It’s also helpful to keep in mind that a lot of these will probably transition into Summer as well.
Wei Son in a variety of brands, inc. Moussy & Egoist
Momoko Ogihara in Murua
Spring this year has brought us trends such as; polka dots, chiffon, sheer, ‘retro’, ‘blogger’ and ‘spring marine’…
Pinky Girls
Tsubasa x GIRLS’ DOORS
GIRLS’ DOORS current collection and the collaboration that Tsubasa created with them is one of the best examples of the ‘Spring Marine’ trend right now. I also love how they’re combining polka dots and stripes – two big patterns this season. 

So why is this style so different from the other marine trends we’ve seen in previous seasons? 
This time it’s about mixing bright colours and patterns (namely polka dots and stripes) with feminine pieces such a chiffon or sheer blouse. The emphasis is more on a subtle Marine style, rather than the ‘look at me I’m a sailor’ coordinates some of the stores have brought out previously.
Ank Rouge 
Liz Lisa
Shorts are of course a staple piece of any Spring/Summer wardrobe, but this season brands are mixing it up by bringing out shorts in different prints and styles – floral and polka dot being quite popular. Coordinate them with over-the-knee grey socks or short lace-trimmed socks for a girly vibe ♥
Another new trend that coordinates well with shorts this season is…
Jeffrey Campbell
…nude boots, loafer pumps & chunky boots. 
It’s no lie that Jeffrey Campbell has been one of the biggest crazes worldwide recently. From hipsters to gals, the US to Japan, his shoes and replicas of them are popping up everywhere. It’s the chunky heels and raised fronts that Gal brands and models alike are loving so much about these shoes. His nude boots are the perfect accompaniment to a girly/retro coord this season (check out the pic of Wei Son), or try a black pair for an adult/’blogger’ style (check out the picture I posted above from Egoist). 

The reason I mentioned these is because they are all trends that I have seen available in Western stores right now. H&M are loving polka dots, Miss Selfridge has plenty of chiffon/sheer items and Topshop even have their own version of the classic JC nude boot – so it’s definitely something that Western gals can find and replicate easily. 
I’m planning on doing a bigger post about the current ‘blogger’ trend so keep an eye out!!

What do you think of this seasons trends?
Which ones are you hoping will stick through Summer too?

Update: Mitsu just made a post about JC Gal-replicas, which you can check out here.