Buy: ASOS LULA Colour Blocked Pump

Recently I realised that the only flat shoes I had in my possession were my Asos Velvet Flatforms & a pair of brogues. 
Of course I was happy looking at all my gorgeous shoes, but I did wonder if maybe I really did need a pair of proper flats.
So I spent the next few weeks searching high and low in my favourite stores. Unfortunately most of the stores just had the same generic ‘ballet flats’ which don’t appeal to my sense of style. I did find a lovely pair from Miss Selfridge, but unfortunately I needed a half size, which they don’t do.
So I finally turned to my trusty ASOS! The only reason I hadn’t gone there in the first place was because I wanted to try the shoes on in person. As I mentioned before I’m usually a half size, but my shoe size also varies between 3-5 depending on the store, so it can be difficult.
The little heel poking out means that they look slightly more ‘grown up’ than regular flats and I choose the black as they would go with most things (this is always my problem!).
I was so happy and relieved when they arrived as the size 4 fit perfectly and the shoes are great quality.
Another thing I have found about a lot of flats is that the quality isn’t so great and the soles tend to wear quickly.
I took advantage of the 25% student discount ASOS were offering alongside free next-day delivery.
I would suggest people sign up to UNiDAYS (if you’re a student) and the ASOS newsletter, just so you know when the latest offers are taking place, as they usually only last a few days.
You can buy the LULA Colour Blocked Pumps, in various colours, here.

Wish List: Topshop & Regal Rose

Topshop 2

Regal Rose
Regal Rose by bloomzy featuring green jewelry

Just a couple of Wishlists, this time from specific stores; Topshop & Regal Rose
I think the Topshop wishlist proves that I do like colours other than black, I just need to take the plunge and actually add them to my wardrobe. Maybe this Summer will be different!
I definitely can’t live without the bralets & studded sweater. I think I’ll have to make a trip to Manchester next month to check out the Topshop there as the one here didn’t have any of them.

The Regal Rose pieces are items I’ve been lusting after for a while.
I love their store, and I know I would get good wear out of their jewellery.
I haven’t ordered from them before, and their prices aren’t bad, I just worry about quality.
That said I’ve only heard good things about them, so maybe I should just go for it.

If you have Polyvore, you can find me here.

Presents from Taiwan

(Face Masks; Sasa, Green Tea Powder, Happie Nuts Magazine & Rienda Pouch)

Recently my mum went over to Hong Kong to visit my sister, who is currently living there with her boyfriend.
Whilst she was there they decided to take a trip to Taiwan, as they’d been before and really love the country.
In-between visiting friends, and eating some amazing food, my mum picked me up a few gifts.
She’s calling these ‘belated birthday presents’, but I already received some money and chocolate from my parents, so I wasn’t expecting anything else. 
What did I get?
+ Japanese Cherry Blossom Sheet Face Masks
+ Apricot Sheet Face Masks
+ Green Tea Powder Sachets
+ Happie Nuts Magazine
The face masks are from a store named Sasa. They have quite a few stores in Asia, but they also sell their products online, here. They ship internationally, and are one of the best places online to find Asian beauty products.
Happie Nuts for my readers who don’t know, is a Japanese fashion magazine. It’s mainly aimed at women in their 20s and predominantly features ‘gyaru’ or ‘gal’ fashion, which some of you may know I was a fan of. I still enjoy reading Happie Nuts though, as I find the fashion and beauty articles are more on trend with Western styles. 
For my new readers, I do speak and read Japanese (competently, not fluently).

Finally, the green tea power sachets (Matcha) are just because I love Matcha so much, which you’ve probably heard me mention a thousand times before. I’m like a broken record!

Juicy Couture x Fifi Lapin Collaboration

Juicy Couture & Fifi Lapin Collaboration

I’m not really a Juicy Couture fan but when I heard of their recent collaboration with Fifi Lapin I was excited!
Why? Because I love Fifi and I am hoping that this collaboration will mean even more coverage for ‘the brand’.
I recently ordered a Fifi Lapin item to add to my collection, and I’d love to see more, instores and online!
I would also love to add the above scarf to my collection, and maybe the sketchbook & keychain but realistically the prices aren’t something I’m willing to pay for a brand that I’m not such a fan of (JC). 
If they went on sale though I would snatch them up in an instant!
Who is Fifi Lapin?
She is a chic, socialite rabbit who is often sketched wearing the latest designer collections.
She also offers lifestyle and fashion advice on her blog, which you can view here.

Would you like to know more about Fifi?

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Wish List: ASOS Mexican Rave Collection

ASOS Mexican Rave Collection

Are you beginning to see a bit of a trend with my ‘wishlists‘ lately?
Once again, I have been drooling over a Mexican-inspired collection.
This time it’s asos, and I have to admit that this is probably the best collection I’ve seen yet.
My favourite pieces have to be the tops, with a selection of cuts and loud prints to match.
Although my love for denim hot pants means that their shorts come a close second.
I also know I’d never wear it, but I kinda love the sweat combo (top right).
I love their use of prints. They’ve made sure to keep them appealing, unique and on-point.
Stylish, urban and colourfulI just want to add everything to my wardrobe!
Whatever your personal style I think there’s a little something for everyone.
Prices range from £6 to £250. You can shop the collection here.
Source; 1

A Source of Inspiration

You can find me on Tumblr, here
I feel you can usually read my current style from what’s on my Tumblr. 
Ever since I started my Tumblr it has been a place for me to store & share my loves & inspirations.
I don’t do it for followers, although I adore the ones I do have, I do it for me.
Simply put, it’s a visual fashion/lifestyle diary, and I love it.
Where do you store your inspiration?

ASOS Velvet Flatforms & Polka-dot Socks

ASOS; Velvet Flatform Trainers & Polka Dot See-Through Ankle Socks

I first saw these ‘trainers’ about a couple of weeks ago and thought they looked pretty cool. It took me about a week and a half of going back to the asos site and the current flatform trend to finally convince me that I should buy them. I’m so picky when it comes to buying clothes, especially online.I didn’t actually own any trainers before I bought these, and whereas they’re not your conventional type of trainer I am glad I finally bought something to go with the tomboy/rock-side of my style. I have the urge to pair these with my velvet Topshop dress but I fear that would just be too much…and too 90s?! What do you think?The socks (sold out) were just something I saw in the sale. I thought they would be cute to pair with some skirts or shorts when it gets a little warmer. From the looks of today’s weather I may not have to wait long!