Lazy Oaf S/S 2012 Collection

Lazy Oaf S/S 2012 Collection

I may not be a cat lady, or a particularly big fan of cats in general, but I do love cat print on clothing.
So when I saw the new S/S Collection by Lazy Oaf I was instantly drawn in and ran off to the website to take a peek at the lookbook.

After drooling over the two middle tops (I must have them), I decided to choose some of the other items that I plan to add to my wardrobe from the new collection. I do realise the hypocrisy in this post, after only mentioning in my last one that I don’t own many t-shirts…well Lazy Oaf are obviously the ones to change that.

Isn’t the Watermelon dress garishly amazing?!
I don’t know if I could work it, but I’d definitely give it a try!

Prices start at £30, you can check out the entire women’s collection here

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