OOTD: Are We There Yet?

Rucksack – Lazy Oaf @ ASOS | Top: H&M | Leggings* – Oasap | Necklace – Marc by Marc Jacobs

If you hadn’t already guessed by the title, and the rucksack on my back, I’m off again! This weekend I’m back home to spend some time with my family before my sis returns to Hong Kong. I’m such an awkward traveller and I like to wear something super comfy, with minimal accessories.
I choose my Oasap leggings, as they’re soft and casual…and they always get compliments. Pairing those with my new H&M ‘très jolie’ top was an easy decision, being the Francophile that I am. I always wear my rings when travelling, but I dislike big necklaces so my Marc Jacobs one was an easy choice.
I also needed a new rucksack, as my last one disappeared into the gigantic hole that is beneath my bed. I needed something big, but I also wanted something fashionable – that’s where Lazy Oaf came in. Luckily for me ASOS have a great sale on Lazy Oaf items, even ones that are full price on the LO site! I picked the Betty Backpack as I’m a bit of a leopard print lover and it was perfect for what I wanted. The leopard print is soft and fluffy, and the little hands that tighten the backpack are an adorable feature.
I’m pretty pleased with my recent purchases and this travel outfit, if I do say so myself.

Lazy Oaf S/S 2013 Collection

For the last few seasons I have been blogging about Lazy Oaf’s collections.
So after being won over yet again by some of their pieces it seemed only natural to do another feature.
For S/S 2013 Lazy Oaf are going back to their roots, featuring cartoon style illustrations (lots of cats, and a return by their naughty mouse) but also keeping up with currents trends by using plenty of text on sweatpants, shirts and more.
I picked the four looks that stood out for me.
Collar embellishment – always a favourite of mine.
Casual print tops, and flow-y skirts – cute and practical.
Leopard print cat prints – too much love in one item!
Awesome text prints – speaks for itself really.

Lazy Oaf are a unique and original brand that always bring out great signature items.
Their clothing never loses value, as their fans show real brand loyalty.
Let’s hope I can get my hands on some!
The collection will be released on 28th February at the official in-store Launch Party event.

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The Perfect Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday on the 29th, so I decided it was time to choose all the ridiculously extravagant items I want.
So what is on my ‘perfect birthday’ wishlist?

Every birthday girl needs a cake and I’d pick mine up from Ladurèe.
Then I’d need a birthday outfit. I’d stay fashionable with a Lazy Oaf bodycon, and warm with a Topshop cropped jumper. I’d then apply my new D&G 90s brown lipstick and pop it into my pastel purple satchel for later. Accessories would include a Michael Kors watch (of course), with Tatty Devine ring & earrings and some funky nail wraps. After a long day of wining, dining and partying with the loveliest of people, I’d relax at home with an Earl Grey scented candle, whilst I listened to my favourite music on my new Macbook Air.

Wow, and you thought I didn’t have an imagination!
Don’t worry though, I’m not taking it too seriously. I just decided to create a perfectly wishful wishlist.
I’m always very grateful whatever I happen to receive, but it’s always fun to dream, and dream I shall.

You can view the full set, and where to buy items here.
How would you spend your perfect birthday?

Lazy Oaf A/W 2012 Collection; Goth Girl

Lazy Oaf A/W Collection 2012; Goth Girl

Those who read my post on Lazy Oaf’s S/S 2012 Collection will know I am a fan.
So it only seemed right to follow up with a post on the latest A/W 2012 Collection.
The concept behind the new lookbook? The life of a Goth Girl vs. a Candy Girl – make of that as you will.
The labels aren’t meant to be taken too seriously, but I can definitely see the ideas behind the looks featured.
This Summer I’ve been all about pastels and since Autumn and Winter allow me to play around more with darker colours (as if I need an excuse), of course I love the ‘Goth Girl’ concept behind this collection – so I decided to focus on that.
I choose a few of my favourite outfits and pieces in the photos above.
Although I think the last photo is pretty much my perfect outfit – love everything!!
I wouldn’t mind also adding the skull/skeleton dress, and daisy hoodie to my wardrobe either.

You can view the full Lookbook here.
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Lazy Oaf S/S 2012 Collection

Lazy Oaf S/S 2012 Collection

I may not be a cat lady, or a particularly big fan of cats in general, but I do love cat print on clothing.
So when I saw the new S/S Collection by Lazy Oaf I was instantly drawn in and ran off to the website to take a peek at the lookbook.

After drooling over the two middle tops (I must have them), I decided to choose some of the other items that I plan to add to my wardrobe from the new collection. I do realise the hypocrisy in this post, after only mentioning in my last one that I don’t own many t-shirts…well Lazy Oaf are obviously the ones to change that.

Isn’t the Watermelon dress garishly amazing?!
I don’t know if I could work it, but I’d definitely give it a try!

Prices start at £30, you can check out the entire women’s collection here

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