Wish List: Santa’s Little Helper

Every year friend’s and family ask me to publish a wish list on my blog. So this year I decided to try out something a little different – The Greedy Book. What is it? “Described as the home of the wish list, they’re an amazing discovery platform that provides you with your very own corner of the internet to collate your ultimate wish list, an eclectic mixture of your favourite things.”

I liked the look of the platform as it allowed me to add items easily, whilst simultaneously adding the price and notes. I personally used the notes section to add any sizing or colour preferences I had, which will hopefully offer some help and also open up a new spectrum of gifts. I had a lot of fun putting my items together and into their own little books, and if I wasn’t so blasé about Christmas gifts (for myself) I imagine I’d be able to spend hours adding items to them. I actually prefer giving presents at Christmas, which TGB is also useful for. The site gives you the option of making your books private, meaning you can hide your gift ideas away somewhere safer (and a lot easier) than your bookmark bar. I’ve only created a few books so far; using the option to separate my wish lists into different categories – fashion & beauty, accessories and home. Even so, this makes it easier for friends and family who may want to buy me something specific. All in all, it’s been super helpful, and although I think the site would be better with a bit more customisation, it works perfectly well. I can see myself using this long after Christmas for friends/family birthdays…maybe even for my birthday in January too?

You can view my Christmas wish lists at The Greedy Book.

Wish List: Joules

Joules is a brand I associate with countryside chic. A lot of my friends who live in the country wear it and so by osmosis I have slowly become a fan of the brand myself, even though I’m a city girl. After donning one of their waterproof jackets this weekend (thanks for the rain Wales) I decided to browse their online store. Consequently I ended up falling for several of their new arrivals I decided to pick out a few of the items from their latest collections that caught my eye, and share them with you all.

Stripes! Did you expect anything else from me? In fact I scaled back on here and have even more striped goodies from Joules in my own personal wish list (in my head). Their selection of lovely Summer dresses this year really caught my eye too, and have left me quite sad that I don’t have any weddings to attend. Unfortunately the British weather also seems to have other ideas and I think my selection of items reflects my eagerness to plan ahead. Still, with gorgeous items like these on offer you can’t really be too upset about Autumn coming sooner than planned. My plan for A/W this year? Colourful jumpers, comfy brogues, warm dresses and accessories galore.

Create your own wish list at Joules.


This post is in collaboration with Joules but all views and words are my own.

Wish List: Persun Mall

Persun Mall Wishlist
Recently I joined Persun Mall‘s blogger program and was asked to create a wishlist.
I do love a good wishlist, so of course I jumped at the chance to do one this time round.
After choosing a few items I loved, I realised that I’d started to style an entire outfit.
Little by little it was coming together and it was full of some gorgeous items.

At first look, it would seem I was inspired by the recent festival trend going around.
Even though I’m not a festival fan this outfit and these items probably would be perfect for one.
Sunglasses, bracelet, shawl jacket, dark denim shorts, tan shoulder bag and ankle boots – check!
Persun Mall is similar to a lot of other China based online brands doing the rounds right now.
You’ll find affordable, varied items of a decent quality that can be shipped worldwide.
I’m looking forward to working with them!

Wish List: GIZA x Joyrich at Selfridges


When I spotted the GIZA pop-up in Selfridges last week I was beyond excited. Giza is a Japanese brand produced by DJ and all around amazing woman Mademoiselle Yulia. My friend Renka is the one who peeked my interest in the brand, and she is also the person who bought me my first piece from it – my dinosaur ring. It’s a difficult brand to get hold of if you live outside of Japan, so as soon as I saw the items (produced in collaboration with Joyrich) were online (as well as in-store), I knew a wishlist post was needed!
I love the hieroglyph and dinosaur prints prevalent in the brands designs, which means I end up wanting pretty much everything. As you can see I loved both of the backpacks, so I’d happily have either colour…or both. The sweatshirt looks comfy yet flattering, and I love the print on the skirt. Now if only I could go back in time and find some money for the whole collection.
You can see the whole collection available on Selfridges, and in the London store.

Wish List: White’s Alright

White's Alright
White is a colour that I don’t let into my wardrobe easily. It’s far too pristine for someone who’d drop spaghetti sauce on it in an instant. – aka me. Still, this season I can’t help but find myself considering giving white a chance. If the likes of Ena Matsumoto and Alexa Chung are working it, why can’t I? So I chose some of my top white items out right now:
In fact I kind of want this outfit on me, right now! I can definitely see myself walking to Shoreditch on a sunny day, wearing it. Anyone fancy bringing Christmas to me a little earlier this year?

Wish List: It’s (gonna be) My Birthday!

birthday wish list

Here it is, the inevitable birthday wishlist.
Yep, it’s my birthday on the 29th Jan – hooray!
I think I managed to keep it pretty minimal, right?
I didn’t do it on purpose but it ended up feeling quite clean.

Lately I’ve really been thinking more and more about quality items.
I’ve always loved high-end designer items, but I’m still quite practical.
I know I (and those around me) can’t always afford that kind of price.
With that said, I still think they are a good investment for most people.
I tend to use a handbag or watch etc for a few years if it’s good quality.
I also use my eyeshadow palettes until they either run out or go out of date.
I think it’s important, especially now as I think about getting older.
Wow, that got a bit too serious a bit too quick. Sorry!

I choose items that I will get a lot of use and wear out of.
I always take such care in the things I own, and I show them a lotta love.
I also appreciate the things I own and I don’t take them for granted.
I’m mega in love with all of these pieces and I hope you like them too.
Wanna know what they are, and where to buy them?

1. Moschino Letter Wrap Bracelet
2. Iseey Miyake Bao Bao Tote Bag
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Truman Watch
4. Original Minerals ‘Maintain The Main’ Giftset
5. Jo Malone Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle
6. Bobbi Brown Nude Eyeshadow Palette  (bought)
7. Deborah Lippmann Exfoliating Cuticle Remover Treatment
8. Trish Mcevoy Power of Brushes Collection

Source: 1

Wish List: John Lewis Winter Luxe Edit

John Lewis Wishlist
John Lewis carries pretty much all of my favourite brands.
Mulberry, check. Avène, check. Whistles, check. Kurt Geiger, check.
The list goes on and on, but I won’t bore you with that right now…promise.
Instead I’m sharing some of my favourite pieces with you, in a special Winter wishlist.
That way all you have to do is look at pretty things and click on a link, if you want them that is.
John Lewish recently released ‘The Winter Luxe Edit’.
What’s that? Well it’s basically their own wish fashion list.
They’ve chosen some of their best brands, designers and pieces on offer for Winter.
It’s all very cosy, glamorous, and also a little bit sexy – I’m looking at you Alice Temperley.
I choose the Somerset by Alice Temperley Oversized Cashmere Jumper as the focus of my wishlist.
I really enjoy building outfits around one key item, and thereby creating something amazing.
Of course I couldn’t resist adding a few pieces of Mulberry to the list, you have to, don’t you?
My new dream bag is the Mulberry Suffolk. I’d like to say a girl can dream, but, well, you know.
Matching my accessories and boots to the bag might seem a little over the top, but I love a focus point.
All in all I think this is a pretty amazing wish list for Winter – if only I could wait for Christmas!
Why not browse the John Lewis website and create your own wishlist?
You can view the prices and where to buy all of these items here.
This post is in collaboration with John Lewis but all views, photos and words are my own.

Source: 1