Wish List: Happy Halloween

Halloween Wishlist

My Halloween Inspired Wishlist

Today may be Halloween but I intend to keep the spirit alive for as long as possible.
That’s why I did my first wish list in a very long time, and it’s Halloween inspired!
I’ve included pieces from some of my favourite stores, brands and designers:
Stay spooky everyone!

If you’d like to find out where you can buy the items above, they are all listed here.
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Style: Wish List Outfits

When I am about to buy an item, 99% of the time I think of how I’ll style it.
I love putting together an outfit in my head so I decided to have a bit of fun on here.
I styled a couple of outfits out of a few pieces I have seen online and fallen in love with.
I think these two outfits perfectly sum up how eclectic my personal style is.
I love the femininity and pastel hues of outfit #1, but go back to my monochrome, rock roots with #2.
Another reason for posting these two outfits was to show you how I would style such different looks.
Which look is your favourite?
Most of the items featured come from Lashes of London, Topshop and ASOS.
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Photo Diary: Birthday Celebrations

Left: Victoria & Albert Museum, 
Right: Homa Restaurant, Church Street
Birthday/Anniversary meal, at Homa
Birthday present from the fiancé 
I had an amazing birthday this year, thanks to my wonderful family & friends.
I wanted to do a separate present post so this is just a short photo diary of my birthday.
I spent my birthday at the Victoria & Albert museum, and then continued to a restaurant in the evening.
It wasn’t that important to me that it was my birthday, but I did like being able to make the time to do the things I love, and using that excuse always seems to work. The restaurant we choose in the evening was Homa – a place we had passed a few times and wanted to visit. The food was lovely. I choose Duck & Foie Gras Terrine, Crab Linguine and Yoghurt Panacotta with Rhubarb Sorbet. My birthday also happens to fall on mine and the fiancé’s anniversary, and this year we celebrated 4 years!
I only received one present from the fiancé this year, but oh boy was it a big one!
He bought me a Macbook Air, because he wanted to help support me in my career choices, and so I could blog more.
Now if that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is! Seriously though, I’m a very lucky lady.
I’ll be continuing my birthday celebrations tonight (Saturday) with my lovely ladies too!

The Perfect Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday on the 29th, so I decided it was time to choose all the ridiculously extravagant items I want.
So what is on my ‘perfect birthday’ wishlist?

Every birthday girl needs a cake and I’d pick mine up from Ladurèe.
Then I’d need a birthday outfit. I’d stay fashionable with a Lazy Oaf bodycon, and warm with a Topshop cropped jumper. I’d then apply my new D&G 90s brown lipstick and pop it into my pastel purple satchel for later. Accessories would include a Michael Kors watch (of course), with Tatty Devine ring & earrings and some funky nail wraps. After a long day of wining, dining and partying with the loveliest of people, I’d relax at home with an Earl Grey scented candle, whilst I listened to my favourite music on my new Macbook Air.

Wow, and you thought I didn’t have an imagination!
Don’t worry though, I’m not taking it too seriously. I just decided to create a perfectly wishful wishlist.
I’m always very grateful whatever I happen to receive, but it’s always fun to dream, and dream I shall.

You can view the full set, and where to buy items here.
How would you spend your perfect birthday?

A Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wishlist



Long sleeve velvet dress, $62 / Velvet skirt / Topshop , $48 / Studded ballet flat, $35 / MICHAEL Michael Kors leather tote bag, $270 / 
Christmas is coming, and you know what that means.
Yep, it’s time for another ‘Christmas Wishlist’ post, sorry guys.
I wasn’t actually thinking of doing one this year but then a friend and the fiancé specifically asked for one, so…I guess you could say that I’m leaning more towards accessories and clothing right now.
There’s the odd bit of homeware thrown in but what surprised me most was the lack of beauty products.
Honestly I couldn’t think of anything beauty related that I REALLY wanted, so I just didn’t bother with it.
Right now I’m just after lots of velvet clothing (and shoes!) and some amazing accents to go with.

The usual offenders are there: Topshop, Marc Jacobs, Regal Rose and Tatty Devine.
I know the MK bag is a bit of a long shot, but hey this is a wish list, and a girl’s allowed to dream.

Introducing: Shopcade

A preview of my Shopcade page
Shopcade is a new way to keep track of the things you love and the items you want to buy.
As you all know I am a wishlist addict. I love compiling them and sharing them with everyone else.
So it’s only natural for me that Shopcade is a site that is not only fun but essential for me when I’m online.
Shopcade is a social shopping application that allows you to share the items you’re buying or just want to buy.
You have your own personal page where you can add products and lists of items to show off to your friends and the Shopcade community. If you have ever seen a photo of an item online and wondered where it’s from and how you can buy it – Shopcade is your saviour! You can click through the product and be taken directly to the brands page where you can buy the item and earn points (& cash!) on Shopcade. You can also just earn points by adding products to your page. Once you have a certain amount you can use your points to get free gifts or vouchers. I used my points to get myself some new business cards and I’m currently saving the rest for a big prize!
I personally was drawn to Shopcade through the product sharing/list creating, and by the idea that you can then buy the item you just re-blogged/pinned. Earning points and cash whilst doing this is just an extra perk for me really. 
I also don’t feel any pressure to buy items – I can just enjoy sharing products and making my page pretty.
Add me on Shopcade here, and check out my Shopcade feature here.
Please ignore the name, it’s old and is in the process of being changed.

Wish List: H&M and Topshop

Top row: H&M, Bottom row: Topshop

I haven’t done a wishlist for a little while, which is surprising because I’m sure I always have one in mind.
Anyway, this time I decided to feature two stores that I have been impressed with recently, one being H&M, the other Topshop. Now in the last few years I’ve pretty much always been a ‘fan’ of Topshop – they’re constantly bringing out pieces I can’t wait to add to my collection. However, I’ve found that my love for H&M in recent months has faded slightly.
It’s sad to say, but the stores I’ve been visiting just haven’t won me over with their collections.
However I was pleasantly surprised when I went into the Norwich H&M recently. They are back on form!
As for the wishlist itself this time I picked items that I can definitely see in my wardrobe, rather than those I just wish I could add to it. So these are all items that are reasonably priced, which I could coordinate easily.
The ‘Peplum’ trend looks like it will be going through to A/W and I’m pleased as it’s a cute, flattering shape. I’m also enjoying bursts of colour (love that royal blue!) to help brighten up an outfit. The rest are all just items that I want to play around with – especially the Mary Janes, and the denim shorts with suspenders attached.
I hope I can hurry up and get a job asap so I can BUY ALL THE CLOTHES!
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