Wish List: H&M and Topshop

Top row: H&M, Bottom row: Topshop

I haven’t done a wishlist for a little while, which is surprising because I’m sure I always have one in mind.
Anyway, this time I decided to feature two stores that I have been impressed with recently, one being H&M, the other Topshop. Now in the last few years I’ve pretty much always been a ‘fan’ of Topshop – they’re constantly bringing out pieces I can’t wait to add to my collection. However, I’ve found that my love for H&M in recent months has faded slightly.
It’s sad to say, but the stores I’ve been visiting just haven’t won me over with their collections.
However I was pleasantly surprised when I went into the Norwich H&M recently. They are back on form!
As for the wishlist itself this time I picked items that I can definitely see in my wardrobe, rather than those I just wish I could add to it. So these are all items that are reasonably priced, which I could coordinate easily.
The ‘Peplum’ trend looks like it will be going through to A/W and I’m pleased as it’s a cute, flattering shape. I’m also enjoying bursts of colour (love that royal blue!) to help brighten up an outfit. The rest are all just items that I want to play around with – especially the Mary Janes, and the denim shorts with suspenders attached.
I hope I can hurry up and get a job asap so I can BUY ALL THE CLOTHES!
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