Introducing: Shopcade

A preview of my Shopcade page
Shopcade is a new way to keep track of the things you love and the items you want to buy.
As you all know I am a wishlist addict. I love compiling them and sharing them with everyone else.
So it’s only natural for me that Shopcade is a site that is not only fun but essential for me when I’m online.
Shopcade is a social shopping application that allows you to share the items you’re buying or just want to buy.
You have your own personal page where you can add products and lists of items to show off to your friends and the Shopcade community. If you have ever seen a photo of an item online and wondered where it’s from and how you can buy it – Shopcade is your saviour! You can click through the product and be taken directly to the brands page where you can buy the item and earn points (& cash!) on Shopcade. You can also just earn points by adding products to your page. Once you have a certain amount you can use your points to get free gifts or vouchers. I used my points to get myself some new business cards and I’m currently saving the rest for a big prize!
I personally was drawn to Shopcade through the product sharing/list creating, and by the idea that you can then buy the item you just re-blogged/pinned. Earning points and cash whilst doing this is just an extra perk for me really. 
I also don’t feel any pressure to buy items – I can just enjoy sharing products and making my page pretty.
Add me on Shopcade here, and check out my Shopcade feature here.
Please ignore the name, it’s old and is in the process of being changed.