Wish List: Santa’s Little Helper

Every year friend’s and family ask me to publish a wish list on my blog. So this year I decided to try out something a little different – The Greedy Book. What is it? “Described as the home of the wish list, they’re an amazing discovery platform that provides you with your very own corner of the internet to collate your ultimate wish list, an eclectic mixture of your favourite things.”

I liked the look of the platform as it allowed me to add items easily, whilst simultaneously adding the price and notes. I personally used the notes section to add any sizing or colour preferences I had, which will hopefully offer some help and also open up a new spectrum of gifts. I had a lot of fun putting my items together and into their own little books, and if I wasn’t so blasé about Christmas gifts (for myself) I imagine I’d be able to spend hours adding items to them. I actually prefer giving presents at Christmas, which TGB is also useful for. The site gives you the option of making your books private, meaning you can hide your gift ideas away somewhere safer (and a lot easier) than your bookmark bar. I’ve only created a few books so far; using the option to separate my wish lists into different categories – fashion & beauty, accessories and home. Even so, this makes it easier for friends and family who may want to buy me something specific. All in all, it’s been super helpful, and although I think the site would be better with a bit more customisation, it works perfectly well. I can see myself using this long after Christmas for friends/family birthdays…maybe even for my birthday in January too?

You can view my Christmas wish lists at The Greedy Book.