Review: O’right Golden Rose Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

O’right-shampoo-conditioner-golden-rose-oil-review-beauty-blog-blogger-bloomzy-1 O’right-shampoo-conditioner-golden-rose-oil-review-beauty-blog-blogger-bloomzy-3
O’right Golden Rose Oil Shampoo and Conditioner*
Ever since I had a mishap with a DIY bleach kit several years ago I have been using shampoos and conditioners that predominately feature natural/organic ingredients. I’ve found they help hydrate my dry/coarse hair (something I’ve always had, even before the bleach) whilst also keeping my coloured hair bright. So when O’right – a brand that prides themselves on being the ‘world’s greenest haircare brand’ – offered to send me some of their products I was eager to learn more about them.

“The O’right factory, based in Taiwan, is also the world’s first carbon neutral cosmetics plant – which also doubles as a nature park for locals and uses 100% clean energy. It is so green, it doesn’t even hire smokers! O’right packaging is 100% biodegradable and some of its products actually grow into Acacia trees when planted. It’s the only hair care product that yields a negative carbon footprint. The product itself is as natural as it can be (min of 95% natural ingredients).”

Now that’s pretty impressive.

+ Smells lovely
+ Helps lock in colour
+ Minimalist packaging
+ Let my hair soft and smooth
+ Lathers amazingly well for a natural shampoo
– Left my hair feeling greasy
It’s difficult to get the perfect shampoo/conditoner, and this was so close. I really like the simple packaging of the products, and how easy they are to use (way too many conditioners make it difficult to get the product out). The shampoo lathers amazingly, something which can often be a problem with natural shampoos. The conditioner doesn’t feel heavy on the hair, and like the shampoo, smells nice and refreshing. My hair was left feeling soft and smooth on the ends but unfortunately the roots were greasy. For someone who has naturally dry hair this was a big problem, as I don’t really know how to deal with greasy hair. I also found it odd as I only apply conditioner to the ends of my hair, not the roots. My only reasoning is that the ingredients used just don’t sit well on my hair. Hair is a very personal thing so I don’t want to go and say that this will happen to everyone. Instead I’m just going to conclude that this particular product doesn’t work on my type of hair. Prices start around £15, which may seem like a lot, but not when you consider the process and ingredients that have gone into this product.
Everything aside, I’d like to say how much I’d love to shake the hand of O’right’s CEO, Steven Ko. Creating a green product is not easy but it’s so important, and Steven has done an amazing job with these products.
You can purchase O’right’s Golden Rose Oil Shampoo and Golden Rose Oil Conditioner at O’right, and at Harvey Nichols.