My 2014 Style Evolution

March – Floral Fancy

June – I Feel Blue

August – Countryside Chic
September – Pattern Practise
November – Autumnal Bliss

December – Norfolk Girl

This year saw my style change quite dramatically. Back in April I did a large overhaul of my wardrobe. I got rid of all the items I’d never worn, or only worn once. I focused on creating a collection of quality basics (and the odd rogue dramatic piece) that would be worn again and again. I decided to stop buying lots of cheaper “on-trend” items, and instead focused on higher end timeless pieces. That meant I could finally justify (and afford) my dream coat from Sandro. Gone are the loud, bright outfits from the beginning of the year. Instead they have been replaced with a more minimalistic, monochrome affair…with a dash of colour.
I hope to continue refining my style in 2015 – working with the same mindset.
Will I keep up with it? I guess only time will tell.

OOTD: Norfolk Girl

Coat – Sandro | Sweater* – Oasap | Trousers – Topshop | Boots – Topshop
A lot of people spent their Boxing Day queuing up for the sales. Now this may be a fashion blog, but Boxing Day for me means time with family, walks with the dogs and eating tons of food. That doesn’t mean I won’t be hitting the sales this weekend, but in the meantime I thought I’d relax and snap some photos.
Heading back to Norfolk for Christmas has been lovely, but I won’t deny that the weather feels a lot more fitting for Winter here than it does in London. So I grabbed my new Sandro coat, paired it with a chunky sweater, jeans and boots, and braved the cold. Walking the dogs isn’t really a stylish affair, but then I never really believed that you can’t be fashionable and practical.

I Want Jewellery Dripping in…Dinner?!

I love food, that much is obvious. Instead of buying clothes/accessories etc. I will spend my money on going out to eat. I do love fashion though, so when I found out I could combine my love of food and fashion I was in shock…and I think you may be too, because if you’ve made it this far you have inevitably seen the photos above. Say hello to Japanese jewellery brand Fake Food Hatanaka.

Whether you’ve been to Japan or not, it’s likely you have seen or heard of Japan’s plastic food. Used to show customers how the dishes look, the practice has become somewhat of a phenomenon. So much so that you can buy plastic food phone cases, key chains etc. But Fake Food Hatanaka has taken the craze one step further with their range of jewellery featuring some of Japan’s favourite delicacies (as well as European and Chinese dishes), such as curry and omurice. Prices start around 900円 (£4.85) for the smaller accessories and go up to around 13,000円 (£70) for the larger necklaces. In fact the brand is doing so well that they’ve opened a pop-up in Punyus La Foret, Harajuku.

So how about giving the foodie in your life something a little different this Christmas? The brand do ship internationally, however there is currently a waiting list as demand is so high. You can browse and reserve items at Fake Food Hatanaka.

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The Big Christmas Jumper Debate

Mint Christmas Pudding Jumper* – New Look

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Christmas jumper”? Cheesy? Mulled wine and minced pies? Maybe something hand knitted by your nan? When I asked my colleague the same question he admitted that he wore his for only a few hours on Christmas Day (mainly to satisfy his parents), and as soon as the unwrapping of presents was over he’d take it off again. It seems as though a lot of people feel the same way about Christmas jumpers, and I think it’s a bit sad.

They come in all shapes and sizes but if we’re all being truthful, they’re usually pretty tacky. However fashion brands in recent years have taken on the challenge of changing our view of the traditional Christmas jumper. From Primark to Topshop, the High St is littered with them at this time of year. You’ll find festive ones, funny ones, and maybe even some risqué ones. It sounds cliche, but surely there has to be something for everyone?!

I myself wasn’t a fan of Christmas jumpers until last year, when Topshop released this little gem. But what made me come round to the idea? Honestly I think it’s because stores have finally cottoned on that they aren’t something reserved for dad’s and awkward family dinners. Instead they’ve realised that they can be fashionable (and sometimes even chic), without being ott or tacky. Whether it’s a subtle Nordic print, or dainty crystal Christmas puddings, the Christmas jumper is no longer an embarrassment. It’s a fashion statement, and it’s here to stay. So don’t be a Grinch, join in the fun!

You can view my current Christmas jumper looks here.

OOTD: Tis The Season for Vintage Christmas Jumpers

ootd-christmas-jumper-beyond-retro-vintage-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-3 ootd-christmas-jumper-beyond-retro-vintage-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-5 ootd-christmas-jumper-beyond-retro-vintage-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-4 ootd-christmas-jumper-beyond-retro-vintage-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-6 ootd-christmas-jumper-beyond-retro-vintage-fashion-style-blog-blogger-bloomzy-7
Jumper* – Beyond Retro | Trousers – Topshop | Boots: Topshop

Thinking back to this time last year, I had one Christmas jumper…and I wasn’t a particularly big fan of wearing it. Fast forward and already I have three this year alone. One of those is from Beyond Retro (if you would kindly look at the photos above), which I’m trying desperately hard to pretend isn’t my favourite (so the others don’t feel left out).

If you had told me a few months ago that I would be wearing a vintage Christmas jumper I would have laughed in your face. When I think of vintage Christmas jumpers, I think of cheesy, itchy woollen things that your nan forced you to wear when you were 10. Well I was proved wrong with this little number, which was expertly handpicked for me by the Beyond Retro team. I never have much luck at finding vintage items that suit my personal style, so I was over the moon when I saw the Christmas jumper they had chosen for me. Clearly I need to go shopping with my own BR stylist. Daydreaming aside, this gorgeous piece has restored my faith in Christmas jumpers, and I already know I will be getting into the festive spirit and wearing it as much as possible. I wonder if I can get away with wearing it after Christmas? Who am I kidding? When something’s this fabulous, of course you can!

Pssst, if you missed my post on BR’s Christmas jumper pop-up, you can read it here. You can also view their amazing selection online at Beyond Retro.

OOTD: It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like…

Cardigan *- Mantaray at Debenhams | T-shirt* – Missguided | Trousers – Topshop
To say I’m beginning to get excited for Christmas would be an understatement. I love this time of year. Not because of the gift giving – although I do love to give gifts – but because of the feeling that comes with the season. December is probably the best month of the year. It’s difficult to explain, but things feel different. People are generally happier and act kinder, which is always noticeable when you’re living in London. Even the weather doesn’t seem so bad. I love to layer up, and my new cardigan from Debenhams offers a Nordic-inspired take on the usual Christmas sweater. Sure, it may be bitterly cold outside, but it’s ok because I can snuggle up in my blanket scarf with a big mug of tea and binge on chocolate and Netflix. It’s a special time of year, and I love it.

Feeling Festive at The Beyond Retro Christmas Jumper Pop-up

beyond-retro-christmas-jumper-pop-up-old-street-station-st-bloomzy-7 beyond-retro-christmas-jumper-pop-up-old-street-station-st-bloomzy-3 beyond-retro-christmas-jumper-pop-up-old-street-station-st-bloomzy-6 beyond-retro-christmas-jumper-pop-up-old-street-station-st-bloomzy-4 beyond-retro-christmas-jumper-pop-up-old-street-station-st-bloomzy-2 beyond-retro-christmas-jumper-pop-up-old-street-station-st-bloomzy-5 beyond-retro-christmas-jumper-pop-up-old-street-station-st-bloomzy-1

Beyond Retro has always been known for quality vintage goods, and now they’re also bringing some Christmas cheer with their latest pop-up shop in Old Street station. The store is aptly named the Christmas Jumper Store, because that’s mainly what you’ll find here. That said, there are other festive goods in-store too, such as scarves, party dresses, accessories and faux fur coats.

I first stopped by for the launch party where we sang carols and perused the store, whilst sipping on Babycham. It felt very Christmasy indeed. I left with a specially handpicked vintage Christmas jumper, which I can’t wait to debut on the blog soon. I also found the most amazing full-length emerald lace dress (with a beautiful art deco style back). It was just perfect, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Luckily for me, when I went back a few days later, it was still there. So I snapped it up, but not before I tried on everything else. There are so many hidden gems that I had to be dragged away by Ben, as I kept picking up piece after piece. Prices are more than reasonable, and the stock has been expertly selected.

If you fancy getting lost amongst the rails too, you can visit the Beyond Retro Christmas Jumper Pop-up at Old St station.