Blogs I’ll Still Be Reading in 2015

With all my blog highlights etc. I decided that I wanted to share the love and tell you about some of my favourite blogs of 2014. These aren’t just any blogs, they’re the ones that I will still be reading in 2015.

Anyone who knows my blogging habits will know that Park and Cube is my all-time favourite blog. Shini’s posts are decadent yet tasteful, without loosing sight of reality. In a nutshell this is an elegant blog with beautiful photography, that continues to inspire me on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt about it, In My Sunday Best is a beautiful blog to scroll through, but it’s the ideas and execution that really keep me reading Sade’s blog. It’s also quite a chilled blog. By that I mean that just by reading it I feel relaxed and happy. There’s not many blogs I can say that about.

Hecticophilia is a lifestyle blog unlike most that I have come across. I always feel that I learn a little something from Jesse’s blog. Whether it’s about her, france or the best place to grab a cocktail in London, it’s always feels personal and unique. As my friend, Jesse is a constant inspiration to me, and I really think her blog does that for her readers.
Ok I’ll admit it, I read Epiphannie’s blog purely because I love her personality. She’s such a fun, lovely person, and that definitely shines through in her posts. I also love her colourful and pristine her outfit posts are. There are so many fashion blogs out there, but there aren’t many that really stick in your mind – this is one of those few.

Not Just Another Milla is a blog I feel a personal link with.ย Milla and I have a lot in common, not to mention our views and passion for politics. However it’s her time spent in Paris and Tokyo, as well as her love for matcha and the Japanese language that really made me feel a connection with this wonderful, articulate lady.

Yasumi and Hiro are a wife and husband blogging team, which makes for a refreshing change. They often feature fashion, lifestyle and travel posts with a difference. This duo are incredibly humbling, and I can’t help but fall in love with their delightful point of views. I can promise you that all of the posts on this blog are unlike anything you will have read elsewhere.