OOTD: Greetings, from Berlin

ootd-outfit-style-warehouse-primark-nike-asos berlin berlin-ootd-outfit-style-warehouse-primark-nike-asos ootd-outfit-style-warehouse-primark-nike-asos 1 berlin ootd-outfit-style-warehouse-primark-nike-asos-berlin-1Jacket: Primark | Dress: Warehouse | Trainers: Nike | Backpack: ASOS

What do you wear when you go to a city known for it’s fashion? This particular question ran through my mind as I packed my suitcase for Berlin. I only wanted to bring 6 outfits for 6 days, so I knew I had to plan meticulously. Right down to the last midi ring on my little finger. This isn’t something I usually do when I travel. I’m a little haphazard and I end up throwing in half my wardrobe, as I want the freedom to “decide on the day” – but we all know how that goes. I end up annoyed with myself for bringing 5 jumpers and I only end up wearing 1 dress that I’m not even 100% happy with.

But you know what? I think I did pretty good for myself this time. With only a couple of key pieces (and a few accessories) I was able to put together several outfits that I was really pleased with.  This one in particular was comfortable enough to meander around museums for the day; but at the same time I still felt as though I had put an effort into my look. It probably isn’t anything new to most of you, but my mind has been blown by this little “life hack”. I will definitely be bringing a lighter, more stylish case next time I travel.

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Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)

OOTD: Amongst The Palm Trees






Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: New Look* | Watch: New Look*

I’ve been so inspired by nature recently. The hidden patterns within leaves (shout-out to my boy Fibonacci). The varying shades of green, and the immense colours that I could never imagine recreating on a canvas. It’s amazing being able to find somewhere in the middle of a capital city where you can appreciate this. Despite what some may say, London is a pretty green city. Even in the middle of a concrete jungle like The Barbican, you can find a tropical oasis.

After V.A and I made a date to visit The Conservatory at The Barbican I knew I had to dress appropriately. I was thinking of cool fabrics (I don’t do humidity) and casually chic prints. During my weekly pilgrimage to Zara I spotted the perfect item – a striped blue and white cotton shirt. It was as if it had been made especially for this one occasion. It was so easy to pair with some plain denim jeans and tennis shoes. This is one shirt that I know I will keep coming back to this Summer.


Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)

OOTD: Cherry Blossom Season





Jacket: Primark | T-shirt: COS | Jeans: Topshop | Trainers: New Balance | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban*

Looking at me now, you’d never guess that my teenage years were spent mixing patterns and colours like an overly eccentric cat lady.  In fact I imagine 15 year old me would have detested the clothing I wear now. It’s funny really how our tastes and looks change. Just a quick peek at my Style Evolution post from a few years ago will show you how much my look has changed in recent years.

That doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with my current personal style at all though. In fact I love my more minimalist approach, as of late. It’s nice to feel stylish without having to worry about trying too hard. I like the idea of grabbing a t-shirt and jeans, and pulling on a leather jacket before rushing out the door (which is exactly what I did the morning these photos were taken). Knowing that actually you’re still going to feel pretty cool even though you didn’t stop to think about it. At the end of the day, I guess it says more about my wardrobe than anything. My resolution of “quality over quantity” (style AND substance) really is working.


Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)

Style: Transitioning into Spring

fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-fur-pom-pom-keyring-accessory fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-tokyo-laundry-crochet-70s-breton-stripe-crop-top-1 fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-tokyo-laundry-crochet-70s-breton-stripe-crop-top fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-beauty-faced-3-luronics-instant-hydrating-anti-aging-mask

Backpack: ASOS | Pom Pom: Wonderound | Crop Top: Tokyo Laundry* | Facemask: Face D*

The dreaded wardrobe transition. You know, the one where you spend a whole weekend packing away your ‘Winter clothes’ and bring out your Spring/Summer clothes from the suitcase under your bed. No, just me? It’s something I do every year around this time, as I try to be less pessimistic and actually start to believe that we might see the sun again. The beautiful weather this weekend made me think about this inevitable shuffle, and how I would be transitioning into Spring this year.

The light, fluffy accessories that were popular in Winter, such as my pom pom from Wonderound  transition well – I mean, lambs and chicks are fluffy, and they’re basically the epitome of Spring. That’s my reasoning anyway. As for clothing, that’s a little more difficult. Britain is infamous for it’s bad weather especially around April, so I was on the look-out for something that felt like Spring, but had the practicality of a Winter item. Tokyo Laundry‘s striped crop top is thick enough to keep me warm, and the crochet accent definitely doesn’t feel like Winter . Finally, skincare! As the weather changes, so does my skin. It’s as if it thinks I’m doing something terrible to it, and so it freaks out and dries up on me. That’s why I need to keep an eye on my skin, even in the warmer months. I was so impressed with Face D’s Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Mask that I have added them and the Instant Hydrating Anti-Ageing Mask, to a permanent position in my bathroom cabinet.

All these little changes may not feel like much, but I’m certain they will carry me through into Springtime well.

OOTD: Bookworm





Jumper: Tokyo Laundry* | Trousers: Topshop | Antumbra Necklace: Clarice Price Thomas*

As a kid I would read 2-3 books a week at school. My dad would read the classics to me and my sister before bed, and I would buy a new horrible history book whenever I was given pocket money. Needless to say, my love for books followed me into my teenage years, and through into adulthood. When I had the chance to visit Hay-on-Wye this weekend I jumped at the chance. For those who don’t know, the small market town is famous for it’s bookstores (lovingly nicknamed The Town of Books) and the Hay Literary Festival. So I wrapped up in my new Tokyo Laundry jumper, ready for a day of rummaging through books. It’s a lovely Welsh town that I could easily spend hours wandering around. However I had my eye’s set on Richard Booth’s (the man behind the town) bookstore – an old, beautiful bookshop that any child would swear is magical. In fact I fell in love with the magic of it myself. Dusty old books sit next to shiny new novels – this store doesn’t discriminate – and comfy sofas and chairs are close-by for those who just can’t wait to get home before they start their new book. It truly is a book lovers paradise. I browsed the shelves for Murakami before grabbing myself a copy of Emer O’Toole’s Girls Will Be Girls. Eventually I was dragged away as I pleaded “No, just a little longer…”

What’s In My Handbag?

Work Phone: Apple iPhone 5c | Personal Phone: Apple iPhone 5s | iPhone 5s Case: Cavendish Cases of Bath
Earphones: Happy Plugs | Eye Roll-on: Simple | Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: NARS | Pen: WC(ダブルシー)

Remember how I said one of my resolutions for 2015 was to minimise my wardrobe? Well I’ve been doing pretty well, and recently I continued that winning streak by downsizing my handbag. Just last year I couldn’t go anywhere without a bag big enough fit a small dog in – no I’m serious – so this is a big step for me. So a bag of this size is just the incentive I need. Of course this has also meant putting less items in my bag, meaning I have to stick to the essentials. It’s been a tough transition, but a good one.

OOTD: And it was all Yellow

Coat: Zara | Jumper: Oliver Bonas | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Topshop

Lately I overlooked my monochrome wardrobe rule for one special coat. This yellow parka from Zara called out to me as I walked into the store, and I knew there and then that I had to have it. Coming from a girl whose wardrobe is as black as a witch’s cap, that’s saying something. Not only have I fallen in love with it, but it seems everyone else has too. I genuinely think I could conduct my own psychology experiment involving this coat. People smile at me more now, and tons of people have commented on my “lovely/bright yellow coat”. If anything it has been a great conversation starter.

It was also the perfect coat to take a walk down Columbia Road Flower Market in recently. I paired it with my flouncy (that’s a great word, isn’t it?) black skirt and a simple Breton stripe jumper. It was a lovely Sunny day. So much so that I regretted not bringing my sunglasses to finish off the look.

Spring is definitely on it’s way and I plan to help it along with my daffodil yellow coat.


Photos of me by V.A (chopstickpanorama)