Style: Transitioning into Spring

fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-fur-pom-pom-keyring-accessory fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-tokyo-laundry-crochet-70s-breton-stripe-crop-top-1 fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-tokyo-laundry-crochet-70s-breton-stripe-crop-top fashion-style-spring-trends-transition-beauty-faced-3-luronics-instant-hydrating-anti-aging-mask

Backpack: ASOS | Pom Pom: Wonderound | Crop Top: Tokyo Laundry* | Facemask: Face D*

The dreaded wardrobe transition. You know, the one where you spend a whole weekend packing away your ‘Winter clothes’ and bring out your Spring/Summer clothes from the suitcase under your bed. No, just me? It’s something I do every year around this time, as I try to be less pessimistic and actually start to believe that we might see the sun again. The beautiful weather this weekend made me think about this inevitable shuffle, and how I would be transitioning into Spring this year.

The light, fluffy accessories that were popular in Winter, such as my pom pom from Wonderound  transition well – I mean, lambs and chicks are fluffy, and they’re basically the epitome of Spring. That’s my reasoning anyway. As for clothing, that’s a little more difficult. Britain is infamous for it’s bad weather especially around April, so I was on the look-out for something that felt like Spring, but had the practicality of a Winter item. Tokyo Laundry‘s striped crop top is thick enough to keep me warm, and the crochet accent definitely doesn’t feel like Winter . Finally, skincare! As the weather changes, so does my skin. It’s as if it thinks I’m doing something terrible to it, and so it freaks out and dries up on me. That’s why I need to keep an eye on my skin, even in the warmer months. I was so impressed with Face D’s Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Mask that I have added them and the Instant Hydrating Anti-Ageing Mask, to a permanent position in my bathroom cabinet.

All these little changes may not feel like much, but I’m certain they will carry me through into Springtime well.