OOTD: Marble Marble On The Wall

Coat: Sandro | Dress: Warehouse | Boots: Topshop | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Any trip to the V&A involves copious amounts of photos and the occasional selfie. V.A and I went one step further and took outfit shots alongside the beautiful interior of the museum…as any self respecting blogger would do.
I actually came down with a mild cold this past weekend, so taking outfit photos was the last thing on my mind. Nevertheless I layered up in my trusty Warehouse dress and Sandro jumper-coat combo. To be honest the whole outfit was a second thought to my new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, which I had been dying to premier to the world. Thankfully V.A stole away my camera and decided to document it’s first foray onto the streets of London, whilst I awkwardly posed against marble backdrops, to the confusion (and amusement) of the odd tourist.
If you love all things marble (and decorative arts in general), I’d highly recommend a visit to the V&A.

OOTD: J’adore Kenzo

ootd-kenzo-sandro-new-balance-asos-bloomzy-japanese-paris-fashion-style-blog-blogger-1 ootd-kenzo-sandro-new-balance-asos-bloomzy-japanese-paris-fashion-style-blog-blogger-2 ootd-kenzo-sandro-new-balance-asos-bloomzy-japanese-paris-fashion-style-blog-blogger-3 ootd-kenzo-sandro-new-balance-asos-bloomzy-japanese-paris-fashion-style-blog-blogger-4 ootd-kenzo-sandro-new-balance-asos-bloomzy-japanese-paris-fashion-style-blog-blogger-6 ootd-kenzo-sandro-new-balance-asos-bloomzy-japanese-paris-fashion-style-blog-blogger-5
Coat – Sandro | Sweater – Kenzo | Trainers – New Balance | Bag – ASOS | Pom-Pom – Wonderound

J’adore Kenzo! Is it really any surprise? The designer perfectly combines my love of Japanese and Parisian fashion into energetic, colourful creations. If the brand had been established today I would have sworn it was created especially for me. Sometimes designer brands can be a little too serious, but I love playing around with fashion. That’s why I love living in East London so much. People take fashion seriously here, but they have fun with it.

However last weekend I took some time to wander around Chelsea, and I made the most of the change of scenery.  South West London is as far away as possible from my East London home, in more ways than one. Shabby chic hipster cafes are replaced with modern, polished eateries…with no street art in sight. There’s no doubt about it, the architecture and streets of Chelsea are a lot prettier than Shoreditch. But then that’s the great thing about living in London, each borough is different to the next. I hope I can discover even more of London’s hidden gems this year.

Photo Diary: Time to Celebrate

They always say that whatever you’re doing at midnight New Years Eve/Day is a reflection of what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year. My New Years Eve was spent in Wales, with friends and family, eating good food and drinking plenty of champagne. If that’s how my 2015 pans out then I certainly wouldn’t be unhappy.

Seeing The New Year in with Style…and Lots of Makeup

new-years-eve-party-makeup-beauty-fashion-style-look-blog-blogger-bloomzy-41 new-years-eve-party-makeup-beauty-fashion-style-look-blog-blogger-bloomzy-1
Make-up – courtesy of Fragrance Direct*
Having the leisure to spend over fifteen minutes on my make-up is something I treasure. It doesn’t happen very often, so when I am given the chance I like to go all out. Most people won’t spot the minor differences, but then I’m not looking for someone to compliment me on a job well done. Some people think make-up is shallow, but I think it’s empowering. I wear make-up for myself, because I enjoy the ‘art’ of applying it, and experimenting on my features. If something makes you feel good about yourself then you should never be ashamed of indulging in it, right?
I took my basic make-up items (from this post) and one eyebrow palette to create a dewy, fresh faced look. You’re probably wondering why I had an eyebrow palette when there has never actually been any photographic evidence of me having eyebrows. Well that’s because it just so happens to be the perfect shade (for my pale face) to contour with. Dab on some concealer, apply a little ‘contour powder’ on the nose and under the cheekbones, pair it with some highlighter and blush, and voila! Not forgetting the pièce de résistance – Chanel’s rouge allure lipstick…or in lamens terms, a red lip.
It may sound a bit odd, but I love seeing how much make-up I can us to create a natural look.
Maybe I secretly long for the bygone days of manba/ganguro?

Minimalist Chic: A Resolution

Matt and Nat Wallet* – The KeepStreet Hub
Mascara* – Maybelline | Eyeliner* – Collection | Highlighter* – BC | Lipstick* – W7
Early Grey & Cucumber Cologne – Jo Malone

Manicure Kit – Essie

Anthumbra necklace* – Clarice Price Thomas @ Parla
Ending 2014 with a big party was great, but it got me thinking about the reality of going back to work and having to eat regular food again – the horror! Seriously though, it’s no wonder people end up feeling down once the holidays end. Therefore I decided that I would fill January with exciting experiences, with friends and family. Of course that means getting dressed up, which is one of my favourite things to do. I ended 2014 with a strong, minimalist approach to style, which was reflected perfectly in my choice of accessories for my NYE party (see above photos). I plan to continue on the same path in 2015, with a few key accessories and a small, yet thorough beauty routine.

Let’s Get Personal…

After posting my fashion and beauty highlights of 2014, I thought it was only right that I do a more personal roundup of the year. These highlights are things you may not necessarily have seen on the blog, but they’re just as important.

I gave up my ‘day job’ to blog full-time…

It wasn’t easy, but I finally decided that I would give ‘full-time blogging’ a go. I blogged pretty much everyday for 6 months, which made for a very interesting learning curve. It was tough. I started this blog as a hobby, and doing it as a job made it all a bit too serious. Eventually I decided that it wasn’t for me, which in hindsight makes a lot of sense, but I learnt a lot and I don’t regret it at all.

I conquered a blogging fear…

2014 saw me finally take the plunge and show my face on YouTube. I followed my intro video with some Q & A style videos about life in Japan, and some brand exclusives. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to upload a new video for a few months, but I’m still glad I moved to YouTube because making videos is so much fun and the positive response has been lovely.
I met some amazing people, and made some even more amazing friends…
I’ve always been a big believer that blogging brings people together, and it just so happened that blogging brought me together with some wonderful people this year. The Nuffnang foodie crew was created, and it saw a small group of us bond over our love of food, blogging and general silliness. I also met V.A. (another foodie) who has now become one of my closest friends, if you hadn’t guess by the ridiculous amount of posts with mentions of her in them. Hmmm maybe I should be saying that food blogging brings people together?
I upped my photography game…
I invested in a new DSLR, and my first Nikon (the D3200) – along with a couple of lenses. It really gave me the push to finally make 2014 the year that I took my photography seriously again. With the lacklustre effort I was putting into my photos earlier on the blog, you’d never believe I have a degree in photography. I decided that I would take more time in my composition, and I’d actually make use of all the buttons on my camera (you hear that V.A?). Still, I believe you can always continue learning and improving any skill. My new photo series ‘A London Life…’ encapsulates my efforts and desires perfectly.
But mostly, I grew as a person…
Yes, I am going to be super cliche and get all soppy on you. This blog has really opened up a world of wonders for me. I am continuously surprised by people and the opportunities given to me, but mostly I’m surprised by myself. I’m not one to brag, but I’m pretty damn proud of what I’ve accomplished with this blog. I hope I can continue to work hard and improve in 2015.

Blogs I’ll Still Be Reading in 2015

With all my blog highlights etc. I decided that I wanted to share the love and tell you about some of my favourite blogs of 2014. These aren’t just any blogs, they’re the ones that I will still be reading in 2015.

Anyone who knows my blogging habits will know that Park and Cube is my all-time favourite blog. Shini’s posts are decadent yet tasteful, without loosing sight of reality. In a nutshell this is an elegant blog with beautiful photography, that continues to inspire me on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt about it, In My Sunday Best is a beautiful blog to scroll through, but it’s the ideas and execution that really keep me reading Sade’s blog. It’s also quite a chilled blog. By that I mean that just by reading it I feel relaxed and happy. There’s not many blogs I can say that about.

Hecticophilia is a lifestyle blog unlike most that I have come across. I always feel that I learn a little something from Jesse’s blog. Whether it’s about her, france or the best place to grab a cocktail in London, it’s always feels personal and unique. As my friend, Jesse is a constant inspiration to me, and I really think her blog does that for her readers.
Ok I’ll admit it, I read Epiphannie’s blog purely because I love her personality. She’s such a fun, lovely person, and that definitely shines through in her posts. I also love her colourful and pristine her outfit posts are. There are so many fashion blogs out there, but there aren’t many that really stick in your mind – this is one of those few.

Not Just Another Milla is a blog I feel a personal link with. Milla and I have a lot in common, not to mention our views and passion for politics. However it’s her time spent in Paris and Tokyo, as well as her love for matcha and the Japanese language that really made me feel a connection with this wonderful, articulate lady.

Yasumi and Hiro are a wife and husband blogging team, which makes for a refreshing change. They often feature fashion, lifestyle and travel posts with a difference. This duo are incredibly humbling, and I can’t help but fall in love with their delightful point of views. I can promise you that all of the posts on this blog are unlike anything you will have read elsewhere.