I Want Jewellery Dripping in…Dinner?!

I love food, that much is obvious. Instead of buying clothes/accessories etc. I will spend my money on going out to eat. I do love fashion though, so when I found out I could combine my love of food and fashion I was in shock…and I think you may be too, because if you’ve made it this far you have inevitably seen the photos above. Say hello to Japanese jewellery brand Fake Food Hatanaka.

Whether you’ve been to Japan or not, it’s likely you have seen or heard of Japan’s plastic food. Used to show customers how the dishes look, the practice has become somewhat of a phenomenon. So much so that you can buy plastic food phone cases, key chains etc. But Fake Food Hatanaka has taken the craze one step further with their range of jewellery featuring some of Japan’s favourite delicacies (as well as European and Chinese dishes), such as curry and omurice. Prices start around 900円 (£4.85) for the smaller accessories and go up to around 13,000円 (£70) for the larger necklaces. In fact the brand is doing so well that they’ve opened a pop-up in Punyus La Foret, Harajuku.

So how about giving the foodie in your life something a little different this Christmas? The brand do ship internationally, however there is currently a waiting list as demand is so high. You can browse and reserve items at Fake Food Hatanaka.

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