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lockdown skincare
A selection of my favourite lockdown skincare tips and products

New lockdown regulations were brought in on July 24th, meaning that mean many of us will be spending more time wearing a face mask. For a lot of people with sensitive skin (like myself), it can lead to irritation or breakouts due to fabric rubbing, and a warmer/moister environment on the lower part of your face. And whilst these reactions may be frustrating, obviously wearing a mask and protecting yourself and others is more important. So what can you do?

Lockdown Skincare Tips

Thankfully Dermalogica have put together some top tips for keeping your skin healthy and protected, whilst wearing your face mask.  

How to minimise a breakout:

  • Wear a clean mask every day – if you’re using reusable face masks, make sure you have a couple handy, whilst you clean the others.
  • Avoid wearing makeup underneath the mask – not only do you save time on your makeup, but you can focus on making your eyes shine.
  • Take your mask off regularly, where appropriate, to give the skin some fresh air. 
  • Include anti-inflammatory formulas in your regime that include Salicylic Acid to help decongest pores and reduce breakouts.
  • Apply spot treatment formulas twice a day to increase healing.  
  • Exfoliate skin regularly to reduce congestion and build-up. Try a gentle daily use formula to avoid over sensitising the skin.  
  • Keep skin hydrated with a light or oil free moisturiser to improve the skins defensive barrier.

How to ease redness & irritation from a face mask:

  • Choose a soft breathable cotton fabric – ensure your mask fits well and is not too tight.
  • Avoid artificially fragranced products or those with astringent botanicals as they can increase redness and aggravate the sensitivity. 
  • Keep your regime simple with a gentle creamy cleanser and a hydrating moisturiser.  
  • Include a concentrated soothing serum to aid skin healing and try a replenishing masque for extra calming.
  • Betaglucan from oats and Vitamin B5 are great for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.  

Lockdown Skincare Faves

So with the above in mind, I thought I’d share some of my favourite skincare products that have helped me keep my skin in shape during lockdown. Apologies for using empty bottles and not including some items in my photos, but I need to repurchase most of these.

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This post is not sponsored, however the tips were provided by Dermalogica. All words, opinions and images remain my own.

lockdown skincare
Lockdown Skincare