Photo Diary: OOTD(s)

I realise the blog has been lacking in OOTD posts recently.
That’s mainly down to me being lazy poor time management on my part.
I tend to get ready and then head out of the house, and forget to take a photo whilst I’m out.
I’m trying to change as I love doing OOTD posts – yes, I enjoy dressing up and pouting in front of a camera.
Really I need to make more time, but when I’m rushing about there’s always the next best thing.

I have taken to Instagraming a few photos here and there, when I’ve had the time. I’m not a big fan of putting OOTD shots on there as I don’t think you see much detail – I prefer to take shots of particular items on my Instagram, but I’ve had a change of heart recently. So I’ve been having fun taking shots of what I’ve been wearing, in front of my mirror etc.

So I decided to share some of my Instagram outfit shots with you.
I know not everyone has Instagram, and those that do don’t necessarily follow me.
So here you go, I hope you enjoy!
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