My Tatty Devine Lucky Dip Box

My Tatty Devine Small Lucky Dip Box

As I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to attend the sample sale I ordered a lucky dip box.
I’m quite partial to lucky bags etc so even though I did go to the sale I was still excited.
Well my box arrived on Friday and I was eager to see what it contained.
I received the Swallow Earrings, Pipe Ring & Parcel Bow Necklace.
I can’t say I was overwhelmed with what I got to be honest.
I plan to keep the Swallow Earrings…maybe, but none of it is really something I would wear.
In fact I think I picked up all 3 products at the sample sale but didn’t buy them as they didn’t interest me.
That said, I thought £15 for these 3 Tatty Devine pieces was bargain, even if I’m not into them.
I have put the necklace and ring up on the Tatty Devine Swap Shop on Facebook so I’ll see what happens.
I’d also be happy to swap with any of my readers who want to exchange any Tatty pieces.
I guess I could always sell them on if not, or possibly hold a giveaway maybe?!
ETA: I popped them up on eBay after scheduling this post.
Did you buy a Tatty Devine Lucky Dip Box?
What did you get, and were you happy with it?