My 2014 Style Evolution

March – Floral Fancy

June – I Feel Blue

August – Countryside Chic
September – Pattern Practise
November – Autumnal Bliss

December – Norfolk Girl

This year saw my style change quite dramatically. Back in April I did a large overhaul of my wardrobe. I got rid of all the items I’d never worn, or only worn once. I focused on creating a collection of quality basics (and the odd rogue dramatic piece) that would be worn again and again. I decided to stop buying lots of cheaper “on-trend” items, and instead focused on higher end timeless pieces. That meant I could finally justify (and afford) my dream coat from Sandro. Gone are the loud, bright outfits from the beginning of the year. Instead they have been replaced with a more minimalistic, monochrome affair…with a dash of colour.
I hope to continue refining my style in 2015 – working with the same mindset.
Will I keep up with it? I guess only time will tell.

OOTD: Norfolk Girl

Coat – Sandro | Sweater* – Oasap | Trousers – Topshop | Boots – Topshop
A lot of people spent their Boxing Day queuing up for the sales. Now this may be a fashion blog, but Boxing Day for me means time with family, walks with the dogs and eating tons of food. That doesn’t mean I won’t be hitting the sales this weekend, but in the meantime I thought I’d relax and snap some photos.
Heading back to Norfolk for Christmas has been lovely, but I won’t deny that the weather feels a lot more fitting for Winter here than it does in London. So I grabbed my new Sandro coat, paired it with a chunky sweater, jeans and boots, and braved the cold. Walking the dogs isn’t really a stylish affair, but then I never really believed that you can’t be fashionable and practical.

OOTD: Autumnal Bliss

Scarf – Primark | Sweater* – Oasap | Jeans – Topshop | Necklace* – Parla | Ring – Tatty Devine | Shoes* – ASH
Like most bloggers (and just people in general), Autumn is my favourite time of the year. It’s that perfect balance between too hot and too cold. The jumpers come out again, alongside light jackets and scarves – oh scarves, let me count the ways I love you. I enjoy layering clothes, but every Winter I tackle with big coats and waterproof shoes. That’s why Autumn is not only my favourite season for food and weather, it’s also the time of year when I can enjoy playing around with the items in my wardrobe.
Last weekend I made a quick stop in Norwich for my dad’s birthday, so naturally that meant taking my dog out for a walk in the woods next door to our house. I grabbed my new cosy knit from Oasap, alongside my Primark blanket scarf and a light coat. It turned out I didn’t even need the coat 5mins into our walk, which was quite lovely. It was also time to break in my new pony skin slip-ons from Repertoire Fashion, which paired incredibly well with the blanket of leaves that greeted us. As I planned to do a little shopping with my mum after our walk I wore my Antumbra necklace from Clarice Price Thomas with my Tatty Devine x Rob Ryan ring, just to look like I’d made some kind of effort. I may have been wearing a thick sweater and the biggest scarf known to man, but I still managed to feel pretty fashionable.

OOTD: Pattern Practise Take 2

missguided-oasap-blogger-blog-fashion-style-statement-patten-tres-mignon-paris-sweater-shorts-glamorous-boots-4 missguided-oasap-blogger-blog-fashion-style-statement-patten-tres-mignon-paris-sweater-shorts-glamorous-boots-3 missguided-oasap-blogger-blog-fashion-style-statement-patten-tres-mignon-paris-sweater-shorts-glamorous-boots-4 missguided-oasap-blogger-blog-fashion-style-statement-patten-tres-mignon-paris-sweater-shorts-glamorous-boots-5 missguided-oasap-blogger-blog-fashion-style-statement-patten-tres-mignon-paris-sweater-shorts-glamorous-boots-1 missguided-oasap-blogger-blog-fashion-style-statement-patten-tres-mignon-paris-sweater-shorts-glamorous-boots-2
Sweater* – Oasap | Shorts* – Missguided | Boots* – Glamorous | Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Another way to ease myself into patterns was to go for something I could pair with the basics in my wardrobe. As I’ve always been a fan of monochrome, it seemed like the perfect stepping stone.

These zig-zag monochrome shorts are so easy to pair with a plain tee or a slogan sweater. The statement pattern on them stands out enough though that I don’t fade into the background. Being high waisted they’re ridiculously comfortable (I am the only one who has discovered this?) and practically act as two pairs of shorts – I can wear them with a top/blouse tucked in, or throw a sweater/tee over top. I love owning pieces that can be manipulated in several ways – it makes my life easier, and my wardrobe lighter (but not my purse). Paired with tights and some cut-out boots, they transition perfectly into Autumn.

Mission 2 accomplished.

This post is part of the How to Wear Project in collaboration with Voucher Codes.

OOTD: Monochrome Madness

ootd-bloomzy-oasap-new-look-topshop-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-french-1 ootd-bloomzy-oasap-new-look-topshop-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-french-2 ootd-bloomzy-oasap-new-look-topshop-fashion-style-blog-blogger-france-french-3
Top* – New Look | Jeans – Topshop | Sneakers* – New Look | Bag* – Oasap
I could so easily fall into the crowd in London whilst wearing this outfit. I’d disappear and all that would be left is the tale of a girl with too many striped shirts. Thankfully in Chamonix there is a distinct lack of monochrome (oh hey super bright sports gear), and stereotypes aside, I’ve not spotted anyone wearing Breton stripes…unless I count my own reflection. Truth be told though, I’m not one to care if someone is wearing the same outfit as me. There are far more important things in life to worry about, such as if I have any Camembert left in the fridge.
I have begun to worry though that once A/W hits I’ll be left with no striped tops to wear (as they’re all short sleeved), which I can only imagine would drive me to madness. Note to self: go shopping for more long sleeved striped tops when you return home.

OOTD: Stay Sunny

Shirt: Primark | Slip Dress – Primark | Shoes* – New Look | Sunglasses* – Oasap | Necklace: Tatty Devine

Wandering around East London can sometimes feel like you’re in your own personal fashion show, as you exhibit the latest addition to your wardrobe. I love that you can feel proud of what you’re wearing and that others won’t judge your clothes. That and the fact that you’re always going to find someone dressed more outrageously than you. Now I wouldn’t say my personal style has evolved into something that exactly turns heads, but it’s good to feel comfortable in your own skin and I thoroughly believe that East London allows me to do that. Some might think the area is pretentious, and at times it can be, but I’ve never once felt that I had to live up to others expectations…although I do sometimes wonder if that’s purely because of my mind set. Either way, I love this part of town and will continue to flaunt it until I can no longer do so.

OOTD: Playing Pretend to The Waltz

Dress* – Oasap | Shoes – Primark | Necklace – Tatty Devine | Sunglasses* – Playn | Bag: A friends

If an outfit had a soundtrack, this one would be Yann Tiersen’s whimsically beautiful compositions from the movie Amelie. ‘La Valse D’Amelie‘ came on whilst I walked through the streets of Brick Lane, and everything just seemed so in tune. The cut and colour of my dress, the way the skirt of it fell into motion with the music. The vintage/curiosity shops and cafés lining my path. Trust me when I say it was a little magical. As I neared the cafe where I would meet some friends for lunch, I wished that every day could start like this.

Later we headed to Spitalfields where my dress seemed perfectly at home with the antiques that littered the stalls. Gramophones, faded postcards and vintage jewellery called out to me. I’ve always admired vintage fashion, more specifically pre-1950s fashion. Unfortunately the modern accessories (those sunglasses, the necklace and that bag) gave me away, but it was nice to play pretend for a little bit.

Thank you to V.A (Chopstickpanorama) for taking the photos of me.