OOTD: I’m Torn

Top – Topshop | Jeans* – Oasap | Sandals – Primark | Sunglasses* – Oasap | Necklace – Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bracelets – Zara

Sometimes I just need a few days to chill out, and when I do, my clothing choices tend to reflect that. However I’m not about to do an outfit post consisting purely of loungewear…although it’s tempting. Instead I donned my new torn mum jeans, some chunky sandals, a loose tee and a ton of accessories. The perfect attire for a day wandering around Shoreditch. 
Unfortunately the jeans are ridiculously large, and by “ridiculously large” I mean about 2 sizes too big. This is my main reason for disliking online shopping, especially when the item is coming from across the other side of the world. Luckily I had a few belts on hand which helped with the problem…slightly. My only other complaint would be that this package took around a month to arrive, because my full address wasn’t on the package. This seems a bit odd after Oasap have been sending packages to the same address for over a year, and they’ve usually arrived within a week or two. Now that they’re charging for postage, this is a bit odd, and a little unsatisfying. I’m hoping that this was just a one-off human error. I don’t like to be a downer, and the only reason I mentioned it is because I have been working with Oasap and mentioning them on the blog for a long time.

OOTD: All White on the Night

Shawl* – Oasap | Playsuit – Rare London | Sandals* – Fitflop | Sunglasses* – Ray-Ban | Bracelet – Marc by Marc Jacobs
The rainy spell that was cast on England has been lifted…well, for now anyway. The sun shone gloriously this weekend, and I made the most of it by tackling hoards of tourists in Central on Saturday. Thankfully Sunday was much more chilled, and a lot hotter! I knew the time had come to bring out my new playsuit from Rare London.
If you saw my Instagram last week, you’ll know that I find it hard to wear all white. So you’d be surprised that I fell for this lovely little playsuit. The layered top half means it will be flattering for most body shapes, and it gives it a little something extra. Admittedly I still felt slightly awkward when I wore it solo, but I resolved that problem quickly, by wearing my new shawl over top. Which is also good for keeping the sun off my skin (take care of your skin this Summer kids)! I went slightly overboard with accessories on this one – obviously the plain base frightened me slightly and sent my styling skills a little crazy.  Still, I love accessorising with this shawl and I think the simple silver and turquoise necklace goes together perfectly with the rest of the outfit. I threw on one too many rings, and my Marc Jacobs bracelet. My reasoning? I’ve barely worn it and I didn’t want it to feel left out. Finally I put on my favourite sandals, so it didn’t seem too dressy. It wasn’t my intention this time but I think this playsuit would also work well dressed up for the evening. That’s super handy if you’re lazy busy like me, and you don’t have the time to change during the day. Just bring a pair of heels and some statement earrings – boom, you’re done!
Did you make it to the end of this post without being blinded by my pasty white legs?
Well done to you, you get bonus points!

OOTD: A Magical Journey

Shawl* – Oasap | T-shirt* – Oasap | Leggings – H&M | Boots – Topshop | Necklace – Topshop | Sunglasses* – Ray-Ban
This bank holiday weekend I headed back
to my parent’s house in Norfolk, for some rest and relaxation. London is
wonderful but sometimes you end up missing the vast fields of the
English countryside. I may have grown up in a city (Norwich) but we
were only ever a 10 minute drive from the countryside. So whilst we
had a change of scenery, I wanted to take the opportunity and shoot
some outfit photos.

I love it when a piece of clothing is
so powerful that you take on a whole new identity when you’re wearing
it; and my new shawl from Oasap does just that. When I’m wearing this
I feel halfway between a witch and a New York landlady – don’t ask.
It’s a pretty magical piece, that I can easily see becoming a Summer
staple in my wardrobe. As for the t-shirt I’ve displayed so brazenly
above, it was a rather odd purchase for me. I wanted something basic
with a difference. I guess I certainly got that. This is truly the mullet
of the t-shirt world – work up front, party in the back. The
cut-out design is meant to resemble angel wings, as no doubt it would have…on someone who is about 5 inches taller than me. Instead they
end up looking like I’ve tried the paper snowflake trick on my
t-shirt. But hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying. I kept it simple on my bottom half, with black leggings and boots. Boots and leggings that
ended up covered in mud, after my Black Labrador decided I didn’t
quite scream countryside chic.
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Style: An Outfit for Under £35 ($60)

Clothing – Oasap*

I decided to challenge myself with my recent month’s credit from Oasap. I wanted to know if I could put together an entire outfit for under $60 (£35). I love simple, chic outfits that look good without having to take 3 hours to put together. So with that in mind I first chose a Breton striped inspired t-shirt with short rolled sleeves. Next up was a simple pair of black tight leggings to create a skinny jean look on the bottom. I toyed with the idea of ankle boots but chose some Converse-style high top sneakers instead. I was surprised I had made it this far and still had money left in my internet-wallet to burn. So I settled on the still cute YSL dupe ring that was incredibly popular a few years ago.
The top was reduced down to $6.90 from around $10 and the leggings were only $12.90. The ring was the biggest bargain out of all at only $2!! Whereas the sneakers (which also have a slightly raised platform on the bottom) were the most expensive at $36.90 – and even then that isn’t really expensive for a pair of shoes. All together it came to $58.70…for the entire outfit! I was impressed, and pretty cocky, knowing that I had got an entire outfit for under $60. I didn’t have to stray from my personal style, and I was able to buy basic items that can be paired with other outfits in the future.
Challenge complete!
On a sad side note…
My Oasap orders have usually been on time, however this time round my order took over a month to reach me. That was very disappointing and when it arrived the leggings were far too small – even though they’re ‘one size’ and my other ‘one size’ leggings from Oasap fit me fine. I don’t like to talk bad about companies and before this I would have only had good things to say about Oasap. However I do feel it’s important to tell you my true feelings on here. Yes I would order from them but I would be cautious about the shipping times etc.

OOTD: Daisy, Daisy…

Shirt – Primark | Shorts* – Warehouse | Shoes* – Oasap | Necklace – Tatty Devine | Tote – Beyond Retro

You know when you buy an item and end up wearing it the day after? Yeah that, with this shirt. I didn’t have the patience to wait to wear it. Luckily the weather was amazing this weekend so I didn’t need to.
I realise I went a bit floral with the shirt and trainers, but hopefully it’s not ott. The shirt I picked up in Primark as I just loved the casual cut and the cute print. The trainers are from Oasap and just seemed like a fun way to wear comfy shoes. I hate being stuck in uncomfortable shoes, but I still want to look good. It’s a conundrum! I really wanted the pastel blue version but they’d sold out in my size. It wasn’t meant to be. Frida? Well she just seemed to fit in with the vibe of the whole outfit so I added her too.
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OOTD: Eye See You

Top* – Oasap | Skirt – Zara | Shoes – Primark | Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Yesterday saw some amazing weather finally come our way. I was thinking of heading out in nude tights even – the thought of it! Anyway, it was so lovely that I ended up walking around in just this all day.
My new eye top from Oasap got plenty a compliment. I know it’s a cheeky Kenzo ‘dupe’ but I kinda love it, and it’s so fun. It’s colourful and quirky, and the little collar and sleeve detail are super cute. I’m also very much in love with my wrap new skirt from Zara – isn’t it amazing? Zara are bringing out some amazing styles and cuts this season, and at great prices. I’ve been pairing this skirt with odd jumpers so it was nice to finally get my arms out. Showing a little skin aside, I paired the outfit with my new shoes from Primark. These are really simple but I love the style and the royal blue they used. These will look so much better once I finally get my legs out again.
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What’s In My Handbag?

What’s Inside My Handbag? Bag from: Oasap*
I’ve always been a big fan of big bags, but recently I decided to downsize what I carry around with me, hoping that if I cleared out my bag I could clear out my mind also. I like the inside of my handbag to be as cute as the outside, but I like organisation too, so I try to keep everything tidy.
Inside my bag you’ll find:
Kurt Geiger purse,
Kurt Geiger oyster card holder,
Whistles make-up bag,
Swoop pouch
 Of course I couldn’t live without my iPhone either, or my Frends headphones – music helps keep me sane.
Everything I need for my day-to-day life.