Style: An Outfit for Under £35 ($60)

Clothing – Oasap*

I decided to challenge myself with my recent month’s credit from Oasap. I wanted to know if I could put together an entire outfit for under $60 (£35). I love simple, chic outfits that look good without having to take 3 hours to put together. So with that in mind I first chose a Breton striped inspired t-shirt with short rolled sleeves. Next up was a simple pair of black tight leggings to create a skinny jean look on the bottom. I toyed with the idea of ankle boots but chose some Converse-style high top sneakers instead. I was surprised I had made it this far and still had money left in my internet-wallet to burn. So I settled on the still cute YSL dupe ring that was incredibly popular a few years ago.
The top was reduced down to $6.90 from around $10 and the leggings were only $12.90. The ring was the biggest bargain out of all at only $2!! Whereas the sneakers (which also have a slightly raised platform on the bottom) were the most expensive at $36.90 – and even then that isn’t really expensive for a pair of shoes. All together it came to $58.70…for the entire outfit! I was impressed, and pretty cocky, knowing that I had got an entire outfit for under $60. I didn’t have to stray from my personal style, and I was able to buy basic items that can be paired with other outfits in the future.
Challenge complete!
On a sad side note…
My Oasap orders have usually been on time, however this time round my order took over a month to reach me. That was very disappointing and when it arrived the leggings were far too small – even though they’re ‘one size’ and my other ‘one size’ leggings from Oasap fit me fine. I don’t like to talk bad about companies and before this I would have only had good things to say about Oasap. However I do feel it’s important to tell you my true feelings on here. Yes I would order from them but I would be cautious about the shipping times etc.