Photo Diary: Another Catch Up

Photos taken from my Instagram: Bloomzy
I like to do these ‘catch up’ posts every now and again, especially now my Instagram widget is gone.
I know some people think ‘pfft Instagram’ but actually I document a lot of stuff on there, so it’s quite useful.
That’s why I like to use my photos in these kind of posts as it shows things that I haven’t shared on the blog.
As you can see I’ve been treating myself to a few of the new MUA items, snuggling with the fiances kitty, wining & dining as well as dressing up fancy for it, taking hot chocolatecoffee breaks, walking my dog, attending events, sharing priceless times with my bestie, and buying the limited edition ‘pink bubbly’ Vaseline for us both.
I will be attending a few events in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share the photos with you!