Photo Diary: Another Catch Up

Photos taken from my Instagram: Bloomzy
I like to do these ‘catch up’ posts every now and again, especially now my Instagram widget is gone.
I know some people think ‘pfft Instagram’ but actually I document a lot of stuff on there, so it’s quite useful.
That’s why I like to use my photos in these kind of posts as it shows things that I haven’t shared on the blog.
As you can see I’ve been treating myself to a few of the new MUA items, snuggling with the fiances kitty, wining & dining as well as dressing up fancy for it, taking hot chocolatecoffee breaks, walking my dog, attending events, sharing priceless times with my bestie, and buying the limited edition ‘pink bubbly’ Vaseline for us both.
I will be attending a few events in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share the photos with you!

Event: Fourth Avenue Jewellery Lounge Opening

The end of September saw the opening of a new jewellery store in Norwich and luckily I was invited.
For the event I was joined by the lovely Sian and we had a great time mingling and chatting with the staff.
The event was more like a private party, with a DJ, champagne, canapés and some gorgeous, wonderful people.
Fourth Avenue carries a select number of jewellery designers, all of whom fit the feel of the store perfectly.
Some of which include; Swarovski, Phantasya, ChloBo and Thomas Sabo. A couple of these brands were new to me (ChloBo & Phantasya) but I fell in love with their collections as well as old favourites Swarovski and Thomas Sabo. The store is as luxurious as it is glamorous, and the staff help to add to the atmosphere with their knowledge of the brands.
You can find Fourth Avenue on Twitter here, and their new website here.

OOTD: Feeling Floral

Dress: Primark | Wedges: Internacionale | Necklace: Swarovski | Bracelet: Internacionale

Techinally this was yesterdays outfit, but then I went and made that Graze post and forgot. Sorry about that! Here’s hoping the floral print on this dress has distracted you enough to forgive me.
Now, Nails! Lots of people on Twitter & Instagram mentioned my nails. Lots of you complimented the shade, thank you, and some wanted to know where it was from. Well it’s this polish that I previously reviewed. It’s honestly one of my favourites. The coverage is amazing, as is the application and the amount you get in the bottle. You can buy it here (so cheap, and free shipping) and use my discount code to receive 10% off: BLOOMZYK31

It should also be mentioned that in my last OOTD post I mentioned that I wanted to wear more colours. I guess this was my way of doing that, whilst still keeping some black elements.

Velvet & Hearts ♥

(Velvet Dress; Topshop, Shoes; H&M, Accessories; Marc Jacobs & Swarovski)
New Years Eve Celebrations; Dressing-up for Mexican Food

I don’t usually go ‘all out’ on NYE, just drinks/food with friends or family. 
For 2011 I wanted to spend it with family, as it was our first New Year together for 2 years – I had abandoned them for Japan in previous years. 
Anyway we (parents, me and the fiancé) booked a table at a Mexican restaurant in the city, as I adore Mexican food. Needless to say the night was wonderful, filled with good food, cocktails & champagne. I couldn’t have asked for more…actually I would have preferred it if I had been able to eat all my dessert, but unfortunately it was too much for me. I only managed half.
It’s a little embarrassing that I’ve only just remembered to post my NYE pictures, so please forgive me. I promise to make it up to you.