Announcement: I’ve moved to London!

Finally, I am able to make the big announcement I’ve been keeping a secret for weeks!!
This weekend I moved to London with the fiance. Yep, the big and brilliant capital of England is now my home.
After searching for quite a while and visiting various letting agents and searching online (I don’t recommend it) we finally found an amazing apartment in Hackney that we knew we could call home. I’m so excited – it still doesn’t feel real!
My hometown isn’t too far from London but visiting for a few days is very different to living here.
Luckily we were able to find somewhere in an area we know well and really wanted to live in.
We will be doing the grown-up thing and searching for jobs, but I’ll also be making time for fun (of course).
It’s going to be a big adventure and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity – hopefully I will be able to share it with you all.
However as we have just moved in we won’t have internet access for a couple of weeks. 
I will still answer emails and Tweet via my phone. I’ll also be trying to blog by visiting cafes etc.

Source; I couldn’t find one. If you know the source for this photo, please let me know – it’s beautiful!