[Nail Week] Review: Ylin Colour Changing Nail Polish

Here is the next post from ‘Nail Week’, introducing a colour changing nail polish!
This probably sounds like a bit of a gimmick, but I was seriously impressed with it.
I haven’t been a fan of the cracked polish & magnetic polish looks, so this is my fad of the Summer.


As you can see from the photos above the nail polish changes colour when exposed to different temperatures.
At room temperature the nail polish has a nice gradient effect to it – this bottle is a blue base with purple gradient tips.
When it’s warm (see circled nail) the polish reverts back to blue and finally when it’s cold the polish changes to purple – I only placed the tips of my fingers in the freezer to quicken the process, that’s why it’s more of a gradient in the photo.
Oh, and don’t worry about the white dot on one of the nails – I caught it when applying the polish.
+ I loved the gradient effect
+ Opaque in one coat
+ Fun and a bit of a party trick
– Matte finish
– You don’t have much control over how/when the colour changes
It is a novelty, but I found it fun to wear a colour changing nail polish.
The fact that you can achieve a simple gradient effect without having to spend hours on your nails, or use various sponges etc. is worth buying this polish alone. Of course depending on the temperature you don’t have much control over the look of your polish, but I didn’t find that too bothersome, actually it was quite fun checking up on my nails during the day to see if they had changed. As for the matte finish, I felt a bit sad about that, but I guess it’s down to the formula.
The price isn’t too bad either at around £5 (with free shipping).
ETA: Yes, a glossy topcoat can be applied and it will still change colour. I did it with a Barry M topcoat.
You can buy the blue/purple Ylin Colour Changing Nail Polish here.
Or browse BornPrettyStore for other colours in the range.
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