[Nail Week] 5 Tips for Strong & Healthy Nails

I often get people online and in my daily life asking me how I keep my nails so nice.
I never even thought my nails were that nice, and I don’t do much. However, friends and family ask me for my tips as they find it difficult to get long, strong nails, and keep them that way! Honestly, I think some of it is genes but I do have a few tips and some product recommendations to help those out who want healthy, strong nails.
File/Trim your nails regularly
I’ve found that trimming my nails (with manicure scissors) and filing them often, helps keep them strong.
They’re also less likely to break if you trim/file them often. Remember not to trim/file your nails when they’re wet, such as after a shower or bath, as they’re a lot more delicate in this state. I also use a hand and nail moisturiser after I have filed, which I rub into my nails. Models Own have some stylish scissors here, and check out the latest StyleFile here.
Avoid Acrylic & Gel nail extensions
I think this is the hardest one to do of all these tips.
I used to love getting my nails done and would rush back to the salon after having the last set removed.
Sadly acrylic and gel extensions can do quite a bit of damage to your nails, especially when they’re being removed.
After I stopped getting extensions I noticed how sad my nails looked, but they soon perked up!
Of course the occasional set won’t do any harm though.
Use a Cuticle Oil or Vaseline/Olive Oil on your cuticles and skin
Rubbing a cuticle oil, vaseline or olive oil into your cuticles and the skin surrounding will help keep your nails hydrated and your cuticles soft. Not everyone can afford a cuticle oil, so these at home remedies can be just as useful. You also don’t really need to trim/push back your cuticles, that can actually cause more harm then good.
If you are interested though you can find cheap cuticle oils here and a more expensive version here.
Try adding more milk to your diet, or maybe some nail supplements?
Adding more calcium and zinc to your diet can help improve the strength of your nails.
If you can’t do that then nail supplements can be a great alternative as they often include plenty of other vitamins and minerals. Not only that but they’re also great for your skin and hair too – I take a few a day.
You can find nail supplements at most health food stores, like here.
Use a Nail Strengthener
This is the only tip that I’ve not actually tried myself, but it is something I’ve heard a lot of good things about.
Nail strengtheners can be really helpful for those whose nails break easily, or just to help bulk them up.
From what I’ve heard, OPI’s nail strengthener is one of the best out there, you can buy it here
If you don’t fancy shelling out that much money, 17 do a much cheaper version here.
Good luck! And feel free to comment with your own tips!