[Nail Week] Review: Glitter Nail Art Brushes

Nail art pens and brushes are some of the easiest ways to create a variety of designs.
I’ve experimented with pens in the past, and I think they’re great but some can be a little awkward to use.
So this time I tried out some glitter nail art brushes, just to see if I could get on any easier with them.
These particular ones come in a set of 9; red-pink, purple, blue, orange, green, 2x gold, 2x silver.
There are two for each silver and gold as one is a thin glitter, and one has bigger pieces.
Please note it is very hard to photograph glitter polish – the effect is much better in person.

Creating a gradient effect with the glitter nail art brushes.

+ Easy to use
+ Glitter goes on well
+ Colours are vibrant
+ My favourite colours are orange, blue and gold

– Can be slightly gloopy
– Takes time to dry
– Has a VERY strong smell (nail polish chemical smell)

I really loved the effect I created with these, but I wonder if I’d be able to create more intricate designs with them.
I think if you want something for simple designs (stripes, gradients, polka dots etc) these are great.
However if you wanted to draw with these then I would say it’s probably going to be difficult, and pens would be a better solution. That said, I thought the glitter went on well and it was easy to apply, especially compared to some of the pens I’ve used. The drying time was slightly longer than a nail polish, which is probably due to the ‘gloopy’ formula. 
You can buy these Glitter Nail Art Brushes here.
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