What were they thinking?

「What were they thinking?」
For this edition of ‘What were they thinking?’ I am offering up two items, one of which may be slightly controversial of me ;D
Why is that? Because it comes from…

…GILFY. I personally love this store, and I know that most of you will too. But that doesn’t mean that they can get away with everything haha.
This skirt just kind of stood out for me on Gilfy’s 109 store, but not in a good way. Sometimes I feel like the 109 stores don’t really pick the best of the latest items from the brands.
Anyway, the real reason I dislike this skirt is because of the swimming trunk vibe it has. I don’t know, but if it were shorts instead then I’m sure you could sell it as swimming trunks for guys. I think this is mainly down to the way the material looks, which may not be the case up close.
Then the description mentions that this skirt sports the Argentinean flag….huh?! I don’t know why either (they also have other countries), but as they go on to say, if you’re a fan of the up and coming World Cup (and supporting Argentina!?) then this is the skirt for you ;D
I like the blue and the white, maybe it’s just the tie or the buttons that put me off. I don’t know but don’t listen to me, this is sold out on the 109 store, so it must be a hit.
Next up, a small accessory from SBY.
SBY are of course well known for their accessories, and this flowered poodle is featured on the 109 store – of course. I don’t dislike this terribly and I don’t really have any other complaints then…it just looks rather demonic haha XD
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